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Updated: Jun 9, 2023

With spectacular natural and protected areas, bustling cities, beautiful traditions, friendly locals, delicious wine, and mouthwatering cuisine, Argentina is one of the most beautiful countries in South America.

If you want a memorable experience filled with natural beauty, unique culinary experiences, and exciting activities, continue reading this article and learn about the best two weeks off the beaten path itinerary to Argentina.

A chimachima perches on a capybara, the largest rodent in the world. by @rincondelsocorro @tomasthibaud .

Begin the Memorable Nature Lover’s Adventure: Buenos Aires & Ibera Wetlands

After a lovely day in Buenos Aires, fly to mesmerizing Ibera Wetlands.

Start your adventure in this natural paradise with a guided walk around the Rincon del Socorro Ranch, your home for a few days, and visit de las Garzas Lagoon.

The Ibera National Park covers an area almost the size of Switzerland (some 13,000 square kilometers). Argentina’s largest reservoir of nature and biodiversity is a sanctuary for wildlife and plants.

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The most impressive thing about Ibera National Park is that seeing the fauna in its natural habitat is ensured!

The best way to get closer to the unique species that inhabit this natural wonder is by boat, together with a specialized guide who will show you the wealthiest spots in wildlife while explaining all you need to know about the area.

Two Weeks itinerary to Argentina

Two Weeks itinerary to Argentina – Boat safari at Ibera Wetlands

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Unforgettable days at Rincon del Socorro ranch, visit the mesmerizing reserve and enjoy long walks, horse-back riding sessions, boat rides, nocturnal safaris, delicious meals, and many relaxing moments.

Get Closer to the Natural Wonders of the World: Iguazu Falls

Continue your fabulous two-week itinerary to Argentina with a land transfer from Ibera Wetlands to fascinating Iguazu to see one of the most beautiful places on the planet the Iguazu falls.

Iguazú Falls 💦 Did you know there are more than 275 individual waterfalls in the area? by @earthofficial @viajaentusofa

Hop in the charming, ecological train, enjoy a relaxing journey through the stunning jungle, and admire the sensational Garganta del Diablo (Devil´s throat). Experience a memorable walk to see the impressive waterfalls, have fun during a truck ride through the jungle and get close to the waterfalls. So close, you will probably get wet.

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This two-week itinerary to Argentina is a fantastic choice because it will also allow you to experience the Brazilian side of the Iguazu. The best waterfalls you will see are indeed on the Argentinian side, but the Brazilian part is waiting for you with some of the most beautiful panoramic views.


“Bico das araras” The best coconut opener in the Atlantic Forest @parquedasaves

Visit Das Aves Park and admire the colorful tropical birds, anacondas, boas, alligators, marmosets, and butterflies. Then, on the 8th day, enjoy a domestic flight to Salta airport, where more adventure awaits you.

From Salta, travel through the Quebrada del Toro, climbing up to 4,000 meters, to reach San Antonio de Los Cobres. Let the mesmerizing town and landscapes amaze your eyes, and continue traveling until you reach Purmamarca, your home for the night.

Purmamarca and its red hills are wonders of nature

The next day, travel around the Humahuaca Gorge, declared Heritage of Humanity, and admire the colorful landscapes. After visiting the lovely Tilcara, the Tropic of Capricorn, and Humahuaca, head towards Iruya, a small, welcoming town where you will spend another night.

The next day, after exploring the beautiful town, enjoy an unwinding transfer back to the city of Salta, where you will get ready for a remarkable tour of the Cafayate wine area.

Head towards Calchaquies Valley, see the tobacco, cotton, sugar cane, and fruit trees plantations, and admire the breathtaking landscapes and the beautiful vineyards.

two weeks itinerary to argentina cafayate

Who wants an “Empanada”? Enjoy the best Argentinean empanadas & wines at Cafayate. Salta 🌵🌄🍇🍷 by @respiraargentina

The Cafayate wine region is where the Torrontes, a wine known worldwide for its excellent quality, is produced. After learning all about the wine and indulging in the delicious tasting session, return to Salta, where you will rest until the next day when your flight back to Buenos Aires is scheduled.

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Tour the Lively and Colorful Buenos Aires

Spend the last days of your unique two-week itinerary to Argentina in bustling Buenos Aires, exploring it at your own pace. Make sure you don’t miss getting closer to its history, culture, and cuisine. See the Colon Theater, Tortoni Cafe, and the trendy Palermo Soho, enjoy a tango session, and visit the countryside. An Estancia day will get you closer to the heart of the city.

argentina two weeks itinerary

#PalacioBarolo makes for an impressive postcard backdrop 😍. One of the best places to enjoy the fantastic views of Buenos Aires. by @ travelbuenosaires @beauty_art_photo

After properly visiting Buenos Aires on the 16th day, your South American itinerary ends, leaving you with unrivaled memories and a desire to go back to these beautiful lands.

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Two Weeks Itinerary to Argentina for Nature Lovers: Ibera Wetlands, Iguazu Falls & the Northwest

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