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The Torres del Paine region in Chile is home to some of the most beautiful vistas in the world. Here, you will enjoy the best boutique hotels close to the national park of the same name. All this will place you mere minutes away from gorgeous hiking trails, mountain ranges, and even Grey Lake and Grey Glacier, which can be viewed on ice hiking expeditions.

If staying at great lodges is important for you… and you want the best Torres del Paine luxury hotels; our comprehensive list will help you find the perfect place to stay.

We are always searching for Unique Lodging IDEAS …

torres del paine luxury hotels

Knowing where to stay in this Chilean region is key to a successful trip! And finding the perfect accommodation that is perfect for you, ensures this will be the trip of your dreams.

Just a couple of things that I want to mention before listing our selection of Torres del Paine luxury hotels.

First, it’s mandatory to book your lodging in Torres del Paine well in advance. Yes, 8 to 1 year in advance. There are few lodges in Torres del Paine, and the good ones are small and exclusive.

Second, I think it’s important to mention that this list of Torres del Paine’s best luxury hotels ( as it is with our Guide About the best resorts in Argentina or Chile ) is based on Maria’s and my personal preferences and not on a ranking (or an Affiliate program) –We or someone from our team have personally visited them and love them!

That’s why they are on this list. Now, Let’s dive into the hotels!

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1. Where to Stay -inside Torres del Paine or Puerto Natales?

2. An all-Inclusive Adventure Spa Resort in South America- What is it?

3. Our list of the 6 top Torres del Paine Luxury hotels

3.1 Patagonia Camp

3.2 Explora Torres del Paine

3.3 Las Torres Patagonia

3.4 Tierra Patagonia

3.5 Awasi Lodge

3.6 The Singular Patagonia

4. Our Suggested Trip To visit Torres del Paine in Chile.

Where to Stay when visiting Torres del Paine -Stay inside Torres del Paine or in Puerto Natales?

Some of the accommodation listed here is inside the park, and some hotels are outside its borders. If you can’t find a place in Torres del Paine, you can look into places to stay in Puerto Natales. In my opinion, it is too far for day trips. It’s a long drive from Natales that will be nice the first time, but to do that every day would cut into what you can see.

I have only included one lodge that is Near Puerto Natales, The Singular Patagonia. Because I think is something so very UNIQUE, and one of the best hotels in South America.

Torres del Paine luxury hotels

An all-inclusive adventure Spa Resort in South America- What is the experience like at these Resorts?

Today there is a new concept for an all-inclusive resort experience—an Adventure-Spa All-inclusive Resort in South America.

They are located in isolated and pristine destinations, with the most beautiful landscape views around the lodging. They offer a menu of excursions to go at your own pace, with friendly and professional guides.

They are small unique properties with an eye on architectural and interior design, using furniture and accessories handmade with local materials to be as authentic as possible.

They are the perfect place to pampered yourself with a top-notch personalized and friendly service, eat the most delicious local food and unwind and relax at the resort spa.

They care and contribute to protecting the environment and the local communities.

Everything is included; you have to take yourself and start to enjoy!

Just to avoid misunderstandings, the hotels listed here offer this all-inclusive service, in some of them, it is mandatory, and others may offer a bed & breakfast option, but in my opinion, go for the all inclusive!

6 top all-inclusive adventure Resorts in Torres del Paine

Patagonia Camp, Luxury Glamping

Imagine this: Yurts, connected by boardwalks, nestled in woodlands on a lake with Mountain Views…That is glamping in Patagonia camp. You can combine the best of the outdoors with the comfort of a luxury yurt.

When traveling to Torres del Paine, you may want to avoid more traditional hotel stays to enjoy more privacy. Patagonia Camp gives you the comfort of a luxury hotel but instead offers you a private yurt where you can unwind from the busy life you usually lead. Nestled right on the shore of Lake Toro, you have a front-row view of the sparkling water.

Torres del Paine luxury hotels

Don’t worry if you like luxurious accommodations. Each yurt is fully equipped for your overall comfort: central heating, ensuite bathrooms, biodegradable amenities, and some even have their outdoor hot tub where you can relax and enjoy the incredible views.

Everything is handled when you opt for their all-inclusive Torres del Paine package. They will help you to indulge in local fare, including organic wines, at their international bar. Plus, you can take many excursions, such as fly fishing, multiple hikes, boat trips, and interpretive trails. Depending on the desired difficulty level, you can select from numerous excursions.

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Explora Patagonia, Absolutely Magical Views

If you prefer comfortable rooms with the most stunning views, then Explora Patagonia delivers everything you want in Torres del Paine. This is the best place for views of the Macizo del Paine or even the Salto Chico waterfall depending on which room type you choose.

Not to mention, you get the benefit of on-premises spa facilities in a separate building just 100 meters away from the action. Be sure to set aside a whole day to indulge in their spa treatments so that you can return refreshed to your explorations.

One of the perks of staying here is having access to their stables and horses. The Explora Patagonia hotel horses are taken care of by an experienced equine veterinarian, so you can be sure that your new four-legged friend is comfortable and happy.

If you stay at the Explora Patagonia Reserve, you will be able to enjoy the varied scenery found in the National Park. The rural Chilean Patagonia features a private reserve to take in the Patagonian steppe, the Magellan Forest, and even the Zamora River.

Hotel Las Torres, Stunning location

If you want to explore the best Patagonian wilderness offers, you can’t go wrong with Hotel Las Torres. With a perfect location, in the middle of an ecological reserve, you will find that wildlife truly comes to life in this secluded lodge. Enjoy both the tame horses and the wildlife visiting once the sun sets.

Torres del Paine luxury hotels

Booking the all-inclusive experience will allow you to indulge in the dining room of the on-site restaurant, imbibe at the local bar, and pack your schedule full of all the activities that accompany a stay in Torres del Paine.

Rooms feature gorgeous accommodations at this impressive designer hotel, with premium rooms from the Torres del Paine Massif. These rooms also have access to a hot tub. Other rooms enjoy a view of the large garden or wooded area, giving you the feeling of being secluded in nature.

Watch my Instagram live chat with Joanne Ellis, who was at that moment the commercial manager of @lastorres.patagonia, and learn more about why Reserva Las Torres is a place to stay in Torres del Paine. WATCH HERE

Located in the heart of Torres del Paine national park Reserva las Torres is one of the most stunning places in South America to connect with nature and yourself and learn about the gaucho culture and its traditions.

Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa, Stunning spa with stunning views

If you want to visit the best hotels in the Torres del Paine National Park, Tierra Patagonia should come near the top of your list. Enjoy the crystal-clear waters of Lake Sarmiento, just around the corner from impressive views of the Andes Mountains.

Their rooms are unique in that they are split-level. The top-level features a lounge where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Patagonian wilderness, while the bottom level is for sleeping and bathing.

You don’t have to worry about sacrificing comfort in these luxurious accommodations. You will find free wifi access in the common areas, such as the library. It also has an impressive indoor pool you can swim in while looking out over the gorgeous views of the National Park.

If the weather is nice, you can pop outside to soak in the hot tub while you gaze over the Sarmiento Lake.

Torres del Paine luxury hotels

Their on-site restaurant is a great way to get your sustenance without leaving the comfort of the hotel. All food served is locally sourced, and there’s even a complimentary breakfast buffet – American-style with eggs, ham, bread, and cheeses. Even the bar stocks locally brewed beer.

Tierra is the perfect hotel for travelers who are looking for some adventurous hikes and also love relaxing with stunning views and tasting the most delicious food & wines.

Awasi Patagonia, remote luxury perfect to unplugged

The Awasi Lodge is the most exclusive lodge to stay on your visit to Torres del Paine, with just fourteen villas and a few common areas in the hotel. Their all-inclusive rates include private guides that can show you the best parts of the Torres del Paine National Park. You get to see all the spots locals love with their guided Torres del Paine tours.

In addition, you will have your expert guide and a 4WD so you can explore the area completely solo. Either way, it is a refreshing trip away from the hustle and bustle of your ordinary life.

If you’re looking for Wi-Fi, you won’t find it at the Awasi Lodge. The common areas of the hotel may have some internet connection occasionally, but you definitely will not have a cellphone signal. This is the perfect time to unplug and recenter yourself with nature as the focus.

Torres del Paine luxury hotels

Your meals in the on-site restaurant are also likely to be some of the best you have ever tasted. The emphasis here is on fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients with the native flair Patagonia is known for. They are known for picking produce from their garden and serving it up fresh.

The Singular Patagonia Hotel, a UNIQUE hotel in South America.

This hotel is so very unique it was one of the top highlights of my last trip to Patagonia. It is a former sheep rendering factory transformed into a luxury hotel.

The hotel comfortably positioned on the waterfront of the Patagonian fjords, with many of its rooms having large windows so that you feel like you are right on the water. Some rooms boast just a bed, while others have more comfortable common areas. It all depends on how you want to spend your time while in Torres del Paine.

Torres del Paine luxury hotels

The hotel was a century old cold storage Frigorífico Bories and was declared a National Heritage on 1996. They have retained a lot of the machinery and space for historic preservation/interest, so staying at The Singular is staying at a Luxury lodge and connecting with nature, culture, and the incredible history of Patagonia.

Torres del Paine luxury hotels

Activities at the lodge include, horseback riding, kayaking, walking through the caves, visit Puerto Natales, take a local cooking class, or ride a bike through the pristine conditions. There’s even fly fishing for those who want to spend a day on the water doing a favorite pastime.

You won’t go hungry at Singular Patagonia Hotel. Their signature dish, lamb shoulder with potatoes and morel mushroom, is sure to satisfy! They emphasize the natural ingredients found in the waterfront areas of the Última Esperanza Fjord and surrounding areas.

Enjoy a good steak restaurant at El Asador with wood-fired meats. If the hour is later and you aren’t quite ready to retire, you can enjoy a handcrafted cocktail in their bar.

Other Places to Stay in Torres del Paine

Of course, these are only a handful of the best Torres del Paine luxury hotels and lodges where you can set up camp. You may also want to check out some of these other accommodations when you need different availability or wish to visit a unique area:

Estancia Cerro Guido: Get in touch with nature at this preserve, where you can enjoy all of flora and fauna associated with the Patagonia area of Torres del Paine.

Rio Serrano Hotel: Enjoy luxurious accommodations and spa treatments at the Rio Serrano Hotel and Spa. Enjoy their indoor pool, facials, pedicures, and various massages.

• Hotel del Paine: When sustainability matters to you, you might want to stay in the mountain region where the Hotel del Paine is situated. It features fine dining, and an all-inclusive package that allows you to take advantage of all the Torres del Paine National Park offers.

• Hotel Lago Grey: Book cozy rooms near Grey Glacier without sacrificing comfort. There are many excursions, boat tours, and more to explore when you stay on Grey Lake.

Finding Your South American Experience

Our Suggested Trip To visit Torres del Paine in Chile.

One of the benefits of traveling to South America is to take in the finest parts of each city you visit, from the cuisine you eat to the cocktails you drink and everything in between. These Torres del Paine luxury hotels will surely give you an all-inclusive experience you will never forget – an immersion of both adventure and total luxury!

So, set your booking dates now to find a time that will allow you to explore the best that the Torres del Paine National Park has to offer. If you have your vacation dates but are wondering, “Oh, where do I begin?” We can help: start here.

Or, start by checking these 2 suggested trips we have to Visit Patagonia and Torres del Paine in South America.

Patagonia Stunning Exploration

Exclusive Patagonia & Australis Expedition Cruise


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Torres del Paine: Best Luxury Boutique Hotels & Lodges (our selection!)

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