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Updated: May 22, 2025

Ready or not, 2025 is coming!

You could hunker down at home – OR you could seize the opportunity for an eye-opening trip out of the country—and enjoy perhaps one of the best New Year’s Eve celebrations of your life…🥂🍾

So, to inspire you for your new year’s eve trip to 2025, I wrote this blog post with two of our favorite and exclusive destinations in South America to start in 2025: Punta del Este in Uruguay and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil ( Maria and I have celebrated our new year’s eve there more than once!)

If you are thinking about pampering yourself with a luxury New Year’s Eve celebration in South America continue reading this article and find out about these two unique destinations and how to celebrate the new year.

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Spending new years Eve in South America:

1. New Years Eve in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2025

2. New Year’s Eve Punta Del Este, Uruguay 2025

3. Suggested Itineraries for Your New Years’ Eve Celebration

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The Sugar Loaf (Pao de Acucar) is one of our favorite spots in Rio. The views are breathtaking. Go there in the afternoon to see the picture before and after sunset. 📸@pauloporfirio

New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2025– Experience the Best beaches and parties in South America.

If you are familiar with Brazil and everything this unique country offers, you probably know Rio de Janeiro is famous worldwide for its memorable parties and beautiful beaches.

The annual Rio Carnival might be the most popular among party animals, but the truth is that New Year’s festivities can easily compete with it.


Both locals and visitors take to the streets and waterfront to celebrate the new year, and there is an excellent array of concerts and live music events to choose from.

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How to celebrate New Years Eve in Rio de Janeiro

The Famous fireworks display at midnight along Copacabana Beach. You can join the crowds and party on the streets or spend your time in one of the lavish venues. Many of the local restaurants will offer an exclusive menu, and if they are beachfront restaurants, they can include tickets to stay on the terrace and enjoy the New Year’s celebrations from your table.

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. One of the fantastic postcards you can find on your visit to Rio de Janeiro. 📸@signorelliphoto

Where to stay during your New Years’ trip to Rio de Janeiro?

I generally suggest our travelers stay in Leblon or Ipanema when visiting Rio. as they are less touristic and safer neighborhoods in Rio.

But, if you are traveling for new years eve, staying in Copacabana is the perfect place to be on location for the fantastic fireworks on December 31st, and The Copacabana Palace ( from Belmond hotels) is a dream hotel to stay in.

The beachfront avenue – called Avenida Atlantica – is closed to traffic during the celebration, so being at the Copacabana Palace is means you have a strategic location to see the fireworks.

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Brazilian New Year’s Traditions

You might want to follow their traditions to blend perfectly with the locals. And Brazilians are big on practice. For instance, everybody wears white on New Year’s Eve because they say it will bring you luck and peace in the upcoming year.

The Christ the Redeemer ( Cristo Redentor) “wonder of the world” is one of Rio de Janeiro’s most iconic landmarks. 📸@nisegfs

Of course, you can add some accent colors to your outfit, each color meaning something different.

Yellow is for money, purple is for inspiration, red is for love, and green is for health.

Whatever you choose, make sure you’re not wearing black, because, according to the locals, this will bring you bad luck.

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New Year’s Eve Punta Del Este, Uruguay 2025

If Rio de Janeiro sounds fantastic, but you believe it’s too crowded for you, there are other places where you can enjoy a more quiet, luxurious New Years’ Eve celebration in South America.

And Punta del Este is one of the best choices. Not only will this place be less crowded, but your stay will be lavish and the parties fabulous.

Moonlight at La Barra de Maldonado in Punta del Este, and expect to find beautiful beaches, gorgeous houses, antique shops, and exclusive restaurants. 📸@batista_federico

How to celebrate New Years Eve in Punta del Este

“The Hamptons of Buenos Aires,” the easy shorthand for Punta del Este, is located on a peninsula surrounded by beautiful beaches and the Atlantic Ocean.

It is famous for its glamorous hotels and venues. If you want to attend one of the best parties in Punta del Este during New Year’s Eve, you should plan everything because the parties in Punta are exclusive.

José Ignacio, recently a fishing village of a few hundred people and now the region’s capital of astounding, with the most magnificent white-sand beaches 📸

You can also spend your last day of the year on the beach, watching the sunset and waiting for the midnight firework display.

So, spend it in an extravagant hotel in Punta del Este, enjoy some moments on the beach, and join an exclusive party. Everything in this piece of heaven gives you the chance to celebrate the New Year in style.

The restaurant scene in Punta del Este is fantastic; places like Marismo, La Olada, Restaurant Jardin, La Caracola, and La Huella are some of the “must-do” restaurants.

The hippie-chic town of Jose Ignacio

The Uruguayan hippie-chic little town José Ignacio is high on our wish list for celebrating NYE. The Village (truly Uruguay’s answer to Malibu/Montauk) is located 20 miles away from “Punta,” is well known for attracting international jet-setters during the months of December and January.

Jose Ignacio has are fewer tourists; it’s less commercial and has a Chic-bohemian style.

A typical days in Jose Ignacio during summer months, include lazy lunches at 3pm, sunny afternoons on the beach , midnight dinners of braised lamb and sweet potatoes, and late-night parties given by luxury brands.

Our top place to stay for your NYE is Playa Vik, an intimate, luxury oceanfront hotel in jose Ignacio. Is the perfect place to start your new year with relaxing with killer views of the sea (The view of the sunset at La Mansa Beach of Jose Ignacio is breath taking!) enjoying the best food and wine.

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New years eve Rio de Janeiro and Punta del Este 2025 (luxury awaits!)

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