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Nestled at the southern tip of South America, Patagonia is a land of pristine wilderness, rugged landscapes, and breathtaking beauty. It is a place where nature reigns supreme.

If you’re planning to visit this beautiful place as your next vacation spot, we’ve got you covered with the five best luxury hotels, each situated in a unique location, providing you with an unforgettable experience in this remote and breathtaking region.

We absolutely love crafting trips in South America that will leave our travelers with unforgettable memories! That’s why we’re always on the lookout for those hidden treasures that will make their journey even more special.

If staying at great unique places is important for you and you want the best luxury Patagonia hotels; this exclusive list will help you find the perfect place to stay.

These selected hidden treasures are tiny, almost private homes, lodges, or estancias with special locations, away from the madding crowds of massive tourism. Places of a close encounter with nature, silence, and quietness.

Staying in one of these places will be The Highligh of your trip to Patagonia and will leave an indelible imprint in your heart.⁠⁠ ⁠

Just a couple of things that I want to mention before listing our selection of luxury hotels in Patagonia.

First, it’s mandatory to book these lodgings well in advance. Yes, 6 to 1 year in advance. They are are small and exclusive.

Second, I think it’s important to mention that this selection of the luxury patagonia hotels

( as it is with our Guide About the best resorts in Argentina or Chile ) is based on Maria’s and my personal preferences and not on a ranking (or an Affiliate program) –We or someone from our team have personally visited them and love them! That’s why they are on this list.

Now, Let’s dive into the hotels!



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Luxury Patagonia Hotels You Should Know

Eolo Patagonia

A Window to the Vast Argentinean Patagonia

Location, perfect for exploring the stunning glaciers of Patagonia.

If you are planning to visit Patagonia, Visiting El Calafate and exploring the Perito Moreno Glacier is a must.

luxury patagonia hotels

Staying in the charming town of El Calafate is always fun, but if you want to make your trip truly memorable, you have to stay at EOLO a unique and dramatically beautiful estancia.

This amazing property is located just 20 minutes outside of town, and it offers a unique and casual luxury experience that’s hard to beat. Plus, the stunning natural surroundings are absolutely breathtaking!

The hotel’s architecture and design pay homage to the traditional Patagonian estancias, with the use of local materials and rustic elements.

Eolo Patagonia offers rooms that are both spacious and well-appointed. Each room features large windows that provide breathtaking views of the Patagonian steppe. On a clear day, you can even see the Andes in Argentina, and if you’re lucky with the weather, you may even catch a glimpse of the peaks of Torres del Paine in Chile!


The food: The food is really superb, Michelin quality.

You will enjoy the region’s renowned cuisine at the on-site restaurant, offering dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients. The menu changes nightly and is carefully crafted, always paired with delicious Argentine wines.

Activities at the hotel: Enjoy the vastness of the Patagonian wilderness.

Eolo offers a range of outdoor activities, from horseback riding and trekking to bird watching all perfect to get out and enjoy the vastness of the Patagonian wilderness!

The staff is knowledgeable about the region and can help you explore the nearby Los Glaciares National Park, home to the stunning Perito Moreno Glacier. After a day of adventure,you can relax watching the sunset from the cozy lounge area.

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Patagonia Camp

Relax in this Luxury Glamping experience

Do you need this is the kind of peace and tranquility right now?

luxury patagonia hotels

Taking luxury to a whole new level….We love finding this kind of hidden gem properties with incredible service that create memories perfectly customized just for you

We can plan your luxury Getaway to Patagonia. Let’s chat. Book a discovery call with us here.

Location, Torres del Paine National Park

Located on the shores of Lake Toro in Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia Camp provides a unique glamping experience that marries luxury with the rugged wilderness.

The Luxury Yurts.

The hotel consists of 20 spacious yurts, or “domes,” each offering stunning views of the lake and the surrounding Paine Massif. These domes are equipped with comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and cozy wood-burning stoves.


✨ Stargaze from bed at night✨

⁠Circular in shape, the yurts are very comfortable and cozy. ⁠Watching the stars and the moon through the window on the roof of the yurt is fantastic.⁠

⁠⁠✨ My tip for the best experience⁠✨⁠

Stay in a yurt with an outdoor hot tub! Relaxing in your private jacuzzi with a stunning view of the lake, the moon, and the Towers will remain one of your trip’s top memories.

The highlight of staying at Patagonia Camp is the immersion in the national park’s natural wonders, with panoramic views of turquoise lake Toro.

Activities at the hotel: A menu of outdoor excursiones to Explore Torres del Paine.

The hotel offers a variety of guided excursions, including trekking, kayaking, and wildlife watching. The enthusiastic staff is passionate about conservation and ensures that guests leave with a profound appreciation for the region’s unique ecosystem.

The hotel’s main lodge is a hub of activity, offering gourmet meals, a bar with a diverse selection of Chilean wines, and a warm and inviting atmosphere to relax in after a day of exploration. Patagonia Camp’s commitment to sustainability and ecotourism makes it an ideal choice for travelers who want to experience Patagonia’s raw beauty while minimizing their impact on the environment.

patagonia luxury hotels

The heart of activity at Patagonia Camp is its main lodge, a place where travelers come together to share their adventures and unwind after a day of exploration. Here, you can treat your taste buds to gourmet meals that blend local and international flavors. They have an excellent restaurant!

The bar, stocked with a diverse selection of Chilean wines, provides the perfect setting to enjoy a well-deserved drink while swapping stories of the day’s escapades with fellow guests. The lodge’s cozy and inviting atmosphere creates a comforting space to relax and reflect, fostering connections and camaraderie.

Sustainability at the lodge

What sets Patagonia Camp apart is its unwavering dedication to sustainability and ecotourism. As you immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of Patagonia, you can take comfort in knowing that your stay has a minimal impact on the environment.

It’s an excellent choice for conscious travelers who want to experience the raw and unspoiled magnificence of Patagonia while actively contributing to its preservation. Your visit to Patagonia Camp is more than just a journey; it’s an opportunity to become a guardian of this extraordinary landscape, ensuring that its allure remains intact for generations to come.

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Bahia Bustamante Lodge

A remote paradise on the Patagonian coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

Location, in the Coastline of Patagonia

Bahia Bustamante lodge is an exclusive hideaway located on the rugged coastline of Patagonia, offering a different kind of luxury—seclusion and immersion in nature.

It’s situated within a private reserve, a vast 210,000-acre property that showcases the diversity of Patagonian landscapes, from pristine beaches to semi-desert steppes.

A Wildlife Lovers paradise in Patagonia

If you love wildlife, then Bahia Bustamante is the perfect place for you! You’ll get to see so many amazing animals like sea lions, Magellanic penguins, elephant seals, and a wide variety of beautiful birds


Accommodations at Bahia Bustamante Lodge are comfortable and designed to blend in with the surrounding environment. The lodge itself is eco-friendly, with a focus on sustainability and conservation.

Bahia Bustamante is a fantastic place for guests to indulge in various activities and immerse themselves in nature. You can choose from guided nature walks, bird watching, mountain biking, and sailing in the bay. One of the unique things about Bahia Bustamante is its seaweed harvesting, which has been an essential part of the local community’s livelihood for generations. It’s an absolute delight to experience this authentic way of life and explore the wonders of the area.

luxury patagonia hotels

Dining at Bahia Bustamante is a delightful experience, with most of the ingredients sourced locally or grown on-site.

The lodge offers a true escape from the modern world, making it a perfect destination for those seeking tranquility, remote beauty, and a deep connection to Patagonia’s unique ecosystems.


Aguas Arriba Lodge

A Lakeside Retreat in El Chaltén, Southern Patagonia.

Location, Remote Patagonia

Aguas Arriba Lodge is a hidden gem, a boutique hotel is located 37 km away from El Chalten, and 15 km away from The Glaciers National Park.

Nestled on the tranquil shores of Lago Del Desierto, this lodge is a haven where one can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Aguas Arriba can only be reached by boat, providing a secluded and intimate experience amidst unspoiled nature. Its privileged location offers breathtaking views of Mount Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre, adding to the allure of this exclusive retrea

luxury patagonia hotels

The lodge, intimate and familiar

The lodge has only four rooms, ensuring a personalized and tranquil stay. The rooms are elegantly designed, featuring large windows to take in the breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding mountains. The lodge’s remoteness allows for complete immersion in the natural world, with activities like hiking, kayaking, and boat tours.

Run by its owners, One of the highlights

A wonderful and unique experience in the pristine, untouched region of Patagonia. The owners run the establishment, which provides a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel like part of the family.

One of the highlights of Aguas Arriba is its local cuisine, which combines traditional Patagonian recipes with a modern twist. The chef prepares dishes using locally sourced ingredients, including fresh fish from the lake. This lodge is a haven for travelers looking for a serene and authentic Patagonian experience.


Tipiliuke Lodge

A Fly-Fishing Paradise in Lanin National Park

Location: The Lake district in Argentina.

Located in the scenic Lanin National Park in Argentina, Tipiliuke Lodge offers a luxurious escape for anglers and nature enthusiasts. The lodge is set on the banks of the Chimehuin River, one of the best places in Patagonia for fly fishing. The pristine river, surrounded by the Andes, is a paradise for anglers seeking trout and salmon.


Tipiliuke Lodge provides comfortable and spacious accommodations, blending traditional Argentine estancia style with modern amenities. Each room offers spectacular views of the river or the surrounding forests. While fishing is a primary attraction, guests can also enjoy horseback riding, bird watching, and hiking in the picturesque surroundings.

The lodge’s cuisine is a delightful fusion of Argentine and Patagonian flavors, featuring locally sourced ingredients and fine wines.

Finding Your South American Experience

Patagonia is a region of unparalleled natural beauty, and these luxury hotels offer the perfect blend of comfort and immersion in the wild. Whether you choose Eolo Patagonia for its sweeping views, Patagonia Camp for a glamping adventure, Bahia Bustamante Lodge for remote seclusion, Aguas Arriba Lodge for a lakeside escape, or Tipiliuke Lodge for world-class fly-fishing, each of these hotels promises a one-of-a-kind journey into the heart of Patagonia.

The pristine landscapes, unique wildlife, and warm hospitality of the region are sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone fortunate enough to visit these extraordinary destinations.

As you plan your next adventure, consider these Patagonian havens, where luxury meets the untouched beauty of one of the world’s last great wildernesses, making for memories that will last a lifetime.

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So, set your booking dates now to find a time that will allow you to explore the best that Patagonia has to offer. If you have your vacation dates but are wondering, “Oh, where do I begin?” We Can Help: Start Here.

Or, start by checking these 2 suggested trips we have to Visit Patagonia in South America.

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5 Top Luxury Patagonia Hotels in a One-of-a-Kind Location

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