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Updated: Jun 19, 2022

“As they say, landscape without wildlife is just scenery.”

Douglas Tompkins

“While staying in Ibera National park, You are making a difference. We call it a Trip with a Purpose”….this is what Rita Cammisi from Rewilding experience love to Call a trip to Ibera National park…

Sunset at Ibera National Park

Sunset at Ibera National Park

Have you ever wondered how your holiday affects the local environment you’re visiting?⁠⁠

⁠⁠ ⁠⁠

Happily, there’s a new approach in many places in South America to travel In a responsible, sustainable, eco-friendly manner. Working not only to conserve the natural environment but also to give back to local communities.⁠⁠


The Rewilding Experience in Argentina is all about that…⁠⁠

⁠⁠“Rewilding restores the natural world, brings well-being to local communities, and, above all, brings joy to our souls.”


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What is the role you are having while visiting Ibera National Park?

In 2001, Douglas Tompkins, a philanthropist, and conservationist, acquired the farm Rincon del Socorro to create a 74,131- acre natural reserve that would be handled by his foundation, The Conservation Land Trust (CLT). ⁠⁠


He had a simple but ambitious aim: to create the most incredible natural park in Argentina, return the locally extinct fauna and foster an economy based on ecotourism…⁠⁠


Today Rewilding experience owns three hotels in Ibera wetlands and one in Patagonia.

It is a social company that donates all the profits they have from eco-tourism to the

foundation for Rewilding Argentina so they can continue working with the restoration of the ecosystem and the reintroduction of species. Watch in this video what Rita from Rewilding experience has to tell us about this.

So, you are part of this project by staying in one of their hotels. You are traveling with a purpose and making a difference.

Check out my complete Instagram live interview with Rita from Rewilding, and you will understand why visiting Ibera National Park will amaze you while simultaneously helping preserve our planet. Watch here.

About Ibera National Park

Ibera National park is Certainly one of Argentina’s most beautiful national parks, home to more than 4,000 plant and animal species; it is the best place in Argentina for sighting wildlife and one of the best locations in the world for birdwatching.

Wildlife at Ibera National Park: 📸 @rafa_abuin @rincondelsocorro

Capybaras, the world’s most giant water-dwelling rodents, reside here.

Caimans, the South-American cousin of crocodiles, can be found bathing in the sun or lurking on the surface of swamps.

In some areas, you can also observe families of howler monkeys with other mammals such as deer and crab-eating foxes.

Rewilding Ibera National Park Project

Two decades ago, Ibera was threatened; Many species were once hunted to extinction.

Since 2007 The Rewilding Ibera National Park project has been working to reintroduce species such as the giant anteater, pampas deer, collared peccary, guacamayo Rojo, and the jaguar, hoping to return Argentina’s wetlands to their former glory.

Since late 2018, largely thanks to the efforts of Tompkins Conservation ( the non-profit Conservation Land Trust (CLT Argentina), now Fundación Rewilding Argentina), the wetlands have become a National Park, helping to protect this South American wildlife wonderland for long into the future.

The Ibera National Park is an incredible 1.76 million acres combined with the surrounding Ibera Provincial Park – making this Gran Ibera Park the largest nature park in Argentina.

Ibera National Park Jaguar Reintroduction Project

The steady return of locally extinct species began in 2007. It started with the giant anteater, followed by pampas deer, collared peccary, bare-faced curassow, and red-and-green macaw, culminating in the reintroduction of the jaguar in 2020.

“The jaguar (Panthera onca) is the largest feline of the Americas and one of Argentina’s most endangered mammals, with a population estimated at 200 animals in 2018. The species went extinct in the province of Corrientes in the middle of the twentieth century due to hunting, habitat loss, and the loss of its natural prey.”

Eight jaguars have been released into the park in 2021 and 2022 as part of an effort known as “rewilding” – restoring the missing species, biodiversity, and natural processes to areas affected by human action….⁠⁠

Sofia Heinonen, Fundación Rewilding Argentina’s Executive Director, summarises the theme of cooperation for conservation like this:

“Thanks to the efforts of hundreds of people and tens of organizations in Corrientes, Argentina, and other countries over many years, Iberá is now recognized as being among the world’s major nature destinations and as an inspiring story of environmental and cultural restoration, and the jaguar is currently moving away from the abyss of extinction.”

It’s easy to get carried away by the magic of South America, but why not ensure your holiday has a purpose and makes a meaningful contribution?⁠ ⁠⁠

Ibera National Park Staying at Rincon del Socorro Eco lodge

The lodge is immersed in The Ibera National Park, probably the best location in the Ibera national Park for seeing the most varied wildlife.

Set on a 12,000-hectare estate, this remote lodge is a former cattle ranch that has been lovingly converted into a surprisingly modern and boutique eco-hotel.

It is linked to the CLT Argentina conservation group, which has been doing lots of conservation work in this area. By staying in Rincon del Socorro, you will also be contributing to the effort of reintroducing locally extinct fauna.

The ranch is built from a farm originally constructed in 1896, which was personally restored and expanded by Douglas Tompkins.

In 2001, this philanthropist, and conservationist, acquired the farm with the ambitious aim of creating the most incredible natural park in Argentina, returning the locally extinct fauna and fostering an economy based on ecotourism.

Read More: Travel to Stunning Ibera Wetlands in Argentina: Your Practical Guide


The estancia comprises a characterful main house with 11 warmly decorated and uniquely designed rooms. There is also a library area and an outdoor pool, perfect for cooling off in summer heat.

💫 Activities💫

Expert gaucho guides will help you plan excursions, walking safaris, horse treks, 4WD tours, and boat trips across the lagoon to see howler monkeys, deers, capybara, and anteaters, caiman, colorful flocks of birds, and much more. Fly-fishing is also engaging, such as working with the gauchos, cycling, and kayaking.

Watch here the experience of one of our travelers exploring the wetlands.

Birding can be an enjoyable social activity too…

Ibera National Park in Argentina is a paradise for birdwatching….even if you are not a bird lover, you will have a wonderful time observing them in their natural habitat….watching and listening to birds is a great way to connect with nature and relax…

The strange-tailed tyrant, the yellow cardinal, the crowned eagle, and the jabiru are some exotic species you will have the opportunity to contemplate in Ibera…

💫Food 💫

Much attention is given to the cuisine, which combines local recipes and international dishes, with most fruits and vegetables coming from the property’s organic gardens.


Ibera National Park

Click in this video to virtually travel to these magical destinations.

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Ibera National Park Argentina: A Trip With a Purpose

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