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Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Hola happy travelers!

I have just arrived from Iguazu today.

Wow, I’m still so excited about this trip 🤩 It was one of the most amazing trips I have done to see the Iguazu Falls!

The Iguazú Falls presents an exuberant panorama due to an extraordinary increase in the flow of its waters, ten times greater than the usual average after heavy rainfall in Paraná state and the rise of water in the Paraná River in southern Brazil…

So I decided to pack my bags and travel to the falls to see this Natural phenomenon in first person…

The Famous Waterfalls In Argentina  and Brazil

In love with Iguazu Falls ✈️❤️ Traveling to The Famous Waterfalls In Argentina and Brazil

Today I’m going to share with you all you need to know to discover the famous waterfalls in Argentina and Brazil. Continue reading and start dreaming about the best Iguazu falls trip you can imagine!

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1. Facts to know about the Iguazu Falls

1.1 What makes the Iguazu falls so Unique?

1.2 Which is better Iguazu Falls or Niagara Falls

1.3 Which is better Iguazu Falls or Victoria Falls

1.4 Is it better to see Iguazu from Brazil or Argentina?

2. Iguazu Falls Argentine Side

2.1 How to get there

2.2 Best places to visit and things to do.

2.3 How long does it take to visit the Argentine falls?

2.4 Know before you go

2.5 My favorite hotels in Iguazu, Argentina

3 Iguazu Falls Brazilian Side

3.1 How to get there

3.2 Best places to visit and Things to do

3.3 How long does it take to visit the Brazilian falls?

3.4 Know before you go

3.5 My favorite hotel in Iguazu, Brazil

4. Final Thoughts about my trip to Iguazu

5. Plan a trip to South America, “Where To begin?”

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Let’s first talk facts 🧐

The incredible Iguazu Falls are one of the natural wonders of the world and the most beautiful waterfall in the world for me.

Located in the north of Argentina and bordering Brazil, the site was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1984. There is a reason – or many reasons! – why the Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Brazil are considered the most spectacular in South America and – possibly in the world.

One million travelers visiting the falls a year can’t be wrong, can they? So, why are the Iguazu Falls so unique?

What makes the Iguazu Falls in South America the most Spectacular Waterfalls in the World?

👉 Privileged LOCATION in the impressive Rainforest

Iguazu Falls National Park is located in a select area within one of the few remaining inland rainforests in South America.

For this reason, the falls are full of some of the most charismatic wildlife on the planet. More than 2,000 plant species, 400 bird species, 80 rare species of mammals, plus insects and invertebrates of all kinds, such as the Giant Anteater and the Harpy Eagle.

You can also find other unique, imposing mammals in South America, such as the Jaguar, the Puma, and many others.

👉 COUNTLESS Waterfalls

The Iguazu Falls National Park has a system of numerous waterfalls – actually 275 falls, but the number varies on the season.

👉 They are pretty LARGE

They are approximately 2.7 kilometers wide.

👉CLOUD OF MIST like no other…

The Devil’s Throat, the tallest of these waterfalls, drops by more than 80 meters into a milky abyss that creates a permanent cloud of mist.


Outstanding water flows, especially in the rainy season from November to March. The flow rate of the falls may rise to a maximum of 450,000 cubic feet (12,750 cubic meters) per second…

Watch this video I made from the Falls in The Brazilian side…OMG.. this is a LOT of water!

But, what If you compare the famous Iguazu Falls with other waterfalls in the world, like those in the United States or Africa … Are the Iguazu waterfalls the biggest?

Which is better, Niagara Falls or Iguazu Falls?

“Poor Niagara” That’s what Eleanor Roosevelt said when she saw Iguazu Falls for the first time. I’ve never been to Niagara Falls, but what I can tell you is that Iguazu falls are a huge waterfall.

Compared with Niagara Falls on the border of the United States and Canada, the Iguazu Falls is nearly twice as tall and almost three times as wide as Niagara Falls.

The Iguazu Falls offer a real jungle immersion, while Niagara Falls are surrounded by buildings, restaurants, and even a casino. While walking the different trails in the Iguazu National Park…pay attention; you can see colorful toucans, monkeys, and even jaguars on the way to the waterfalls.

Which is better, Victoria Falls or Iguazu Falls?

Victoria Falls are taller than the Iguazu Falls; however, the Iguazu Falls are significantly wider than Victoria Falls.

If you visited the mentioned waterfalls – lucky you 😄- please share your experience.

I believe that if you go to South America, you should not miss the Iguazu waterfalls, even when you have visited other impressive waterfalls worldwide. It is one of the most visited places in Latin America and the most visited place in Argentina.

Now, let me share with you some essential tips from my last trip you need to know to visit the famous waterfalls in Argentina and Brazil.

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Is it better to see Iguazu from Brazil or Argentina?

You can either visit the famous Iguazu waterfalls from Argentina or Brazil.

That said, ideally, you want to visit the Iguazu Falls from both the Argentine and the Brazilian sides.

They are so totally different. The Argentinian falls are the stage

and the Brazilian are the theatre

From the Brazilian side, you will have great views of the falls that are on the Argentine side. And from Argentina, you will walk above the falls, which is also exhilarating!

Famous waterfalls in argentina
Famous waterfalls in argentina
Famous waterfalls in argentina

So, My tip here: Visit both sides, please; you will not regret it!

It is important to mention that you will need to enter another country when visiting both sides of the falls, so don’t forget to carry your passports with you (you’re right, this is obvious 😆… but I know why I’m saying this!).

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Visit the Iguazu Falls in Argentina

How to get there

The Iguazu Falls are located in northern Argentina, in the province of Misiones.

The best way to get there is by plane. You can fly from Buenos Aires, either from the domestic Airport Jorge Newbery or Buenos Aires’s international Airport Ezeiza; it’s just a one-hour and 50 minutes flight.

Some other cities in Argentina have direct flights to Iguazu, such as Salta in Argentina – it’s another one hour and 40 minutes flight.

If you want to visit the Iguazu Falls from Patagonia, that is also possible, but you will have to connect with flights to Buenos Aires’s Domestic Airport.

If you plan on departing the same day you visit the Argentine waterfalls, you can do that but look for any flights that depart after 5:30 p.m from Puerto Iguazu’s airport. (although I don’t suggest this because of possible flight rescheduling ).

Famous waterfalls in Argentina

Watch this photo carefully you will see a small boat in the water…this is the boat from the Great adventure navigation! They get VERY close to the falls!

Best places to visit and things to do.

Argentine Falls day trip. Visiting the Argentine Iguazu Falls for a day.

You will be visiting the Iguazú National Park, which includes three circuits: Paseo Inferior (Lower Circuit) – Paseo Superior (Upper) and Devil’s Throat (Garganta del Diablo in Spanish) is famed for its breathtaking views of the falls,

Today, The high water level led officials to close the “Devil’s Throat” walkway. They are in recovery and informed us that they would be re-enabled as soon as possible. 🙌🏼

Meanwhile, It is possible to enjoy the Upper Circuit, the Lower Circuit, the Macuco Walking Trail, and the nautical tours with an extraordinary amount of water.

Even not being possible to visit “La Garganta del Diablo” it is still worth visiting the Argentinian falls.

The experience of seeing the falls with so much water is unique!

Want some extra fun? Go for the “Great Adventure”

This exhilarating boat ride takes place within the Iguazú National Park with the previous booking of your ticket. The duration of the Great adventure is one hour and ½.

How long does it take to visit the Argentine falls?

The visit to the three circuits, the lower, upper circuit, and the devil’s throat, takes almost all day. If you want to take a boat ride, expect to be in the park early, and all day for sure!

Know before you go

You will have to pay an entrance fee to enter the Iguazu National Park. There are tickets for locals, residents in the Mercosur area, and foreigners. You have to select foreigners if you are coming from other countries other than South American countries. You can buy entrance tickets at the park or online, which are only valid for 60 days. I suggest buying it in advance to avoid the lines.

In case you visit the Iguazu National Park with us, as a Boutique Travel Agency, we take care of all the details, including issuing tickets for you and modification of dates (there are many factors to take into account for the realization of the tour, such as arrival time, the influx of passengers in the Park, height of the River, etc.).

When booking a trip to the Iguazu Falls with a boutique tour company like ours, we can guarantee that you will have available spaces since we hold some for our customers.

The schedules are assigned to your Tour guide on the day, subject to the conditions and height of the river, which is why as a travel company, we include it in our trips when you book your visit to the Argentine Falls with us! (our trips are private and exclusive, so we avoid the crowds as much as possible).

My favorite hotels in Iguazu, Argentina

The Awasi Lodge

A Luxury property that offers an all-inclusive experience in Iguazu Falls, Argentina.

Part of the Relais Chateaux collection, Awasi is a fantastic Gem in Iguazu ( and in the world!)

Enjoy the most beautiful falls, relax, enjoy the rainforest, and learn about the Guaranis locals’ culture. The lodge is located in the thick Atlantic rainforest, only 15 minutes from Puerto Iguazu. Although it is close to the town of Puerto Iguazu, it feels completely remote.

The hotel has only 14 private Vilas….you will feel like you are alone in the forest. Remember that you are smack in the middle of the rainforest, so there are no views. You are not within the National Park.

The hotel is an all-inclusive lodge; you will have all included ( Gourmet food, premium drinks, amazing and unique excursions…).

As part of your VIP service, you will have a personalized guide and vehicle during your stay. Let them know your interests before your trip, and they get the perfect local guide for you!

Watch The video from my recent visit to Awasi Lodge

Gran Melia

a 5-star hotel with a unique location inside the Iguazu national park. You have access to the walking trails in the most visited falls in South America.

The hotel was completely renovated in 2018 and became a Gran Melia ( it was a Sheraton before), and the views you have from the falls are AWESOME!

You will have fantastic views of the falls, from your room (The room has a big balcony with chairs and a table to sit and stare at the Falls. ), from the pool, while you are having breakfast or while you enjoy a drink and see the sunset from the hotel rooftop.

famous waterfalls in argentina

Stunning Views of the falls from the Pool at Gran Melia Iguazu

Staying at Gran Melia Means you will be INSIDE the park in Argentina. So, you will avoid the crowds ( and have the falls only for you). This is priceless! You will enter the park at a special entrance that is only available for hotel guests and will visit the park before the crowds arrive…( you are a 5 minutes walk from the upper and lower circuit walkways!)

I visited Awasi lodge and Gran Melia during my trip…and I loved them! If you want to pamper yourself, please stay at one of these hotels while you visit the falls!

Important to mention is that Awasi lodge has an agreement with Gran Melia, so if you stay in Awasi, you will also access the park avoiding the crowds…

So, My tip here: Stay at Gran Melia or Awasi lodge and you will avoid the crowds ( lots of tourist visit The falls every day so it is really worth it!)

Visit the Iguazu Falls in Brazil

The Iguaçu National Park is a world heritage property located in the State of Paraná, in southern Brazil, adjacent to the Iguazú National Park ( Argentina) also a World Heritage in Argentina.

famous waterfalls in argentina

The walkaways in Brazilian side of the falls 🙌

How to get there

If you travel from Brazil, you will fly to Foz do Iguaçu Airport.

There are direct flights to Foz do Iguaçu from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo Brasil, and Lima, Peru, if you want to visit another world heritage: Machu Picchu. Suppose you are planning to visit the Amazon Rainforest – a classic combination of beautiful natural destinations in South America. In that case, you will have to make a stopover either in Rio or Sao Paulo.

The Best places to visit and things to do.

If you are going to the Brazilian side of the Falls, you will visit the “Parque Nacional Foz de Iguaçu.”

Are you wondering what this side of the falls could add to the experience?

The Brazilian side is ideal for watching and taking fab pics as you will have amazing views of more than 200 with heights varying from 60 meters – 82 meters.

The Parque Nacional do Iguazu has the peculiarity of only having one circuit of approximately 1500 meters. But during the journey, you will constantly see the falls, so you will surely make several stops to take photos and look at the place.

At the end of the circuit, you will walk into the river and you will be just over 100 meters from an imposing 200-meter jump that will get you wet.

Watch How Close you Get to the Falls!

Walking into the river and getting drenched by the splash from the Falls is a unique experience. Bring a rain poncho and a plastic bag for your camera!

How long does it take to visit the Brazilian side of the falls?

You can visit the Brazilian side of the Iguazu Waterfalls in half a day ( you can count on around 3 hours depending on how many activities you take), so you can either go during the morning and then board a flight during the afternoon – suggested no later than 5:30 pm.

I suggest visiting the Brazilian side ( if you are not staying at Belmond Das Cataratas) in the afternoon as it will be less crowded than in the morning. In case you want to visit the Brazilian side of the Iguazu Waterfalls during the afternoon. Ideally, you want to book a flight arriving no later than noon.

If you have more time, One option is to take advantage of the day of the visit to combine your visit to the falls with a visit to Parque das Aves, which is located right in front of the entrance to the Parque Nacional das Cataratas.

Visiting Parque Das Aves with my family

Watch the video 😍

An excellent tour you can book in advance and do on the same day is the Macuco Safari, which allows you to go by boat very close to the waterfalls! Another activity you can do is the Helicopter Flight over the Falls ( only available from the Brazilian side)…also located at the park entrance.

Know before you go

You will have to pay an entrance fee to enter the National Park “Parque Nacional Foz de Iguaçu.” There are tickets for locals, residents in the Mercosur area, and foreigners. You have to select foreigners if you are coming from other countries other than South American countries. You can purchase the entrance fee at the park or buy the ticket online, which is only valid for 60 days.

!! If you want to avoid all the hassle of these logistics and conditions, let my team and I take care of your travel plans to South America!

The Best accommodation in Iguazu Falls, Brazil

When visiting from Brazil, my favorite hotel in Iguazu Falls is the Belmond das Cataratas. A gem beside Brazil’s Iguassu Falls. This pastel-pink hideaway is surrounded by lush rainforest, which grants exclusive access to the park—minus the crowds.

If you stay at Belmond, the walkways to the falls are in front of the hotel. So, wake up early ( the park opens at 9 am) and visit the park before the crowds arrive. IS MAGICAL!

Watch How Close you are to the walkways

( I recorded this from the hotel entrance!)

Read more about how to visit Brazil’s famous waterfalls – Iguazu Falls the Brazilian side

Final Thoughts about my trip to Iguazu…

If you are planning to visit South America, you should consider visiting the most famous waterfalls in the world: The Iguazu Waterfalls.

This popular destination, with countless waterfalls, and the most spectacular views, will captivate you in a way you can’t even imagine.

There are several reasons why the Iguazu waterfalls are among the most visited and popular destinations in South America and the world.

Even if you have already visited Niagara Falls on the border of the United States and Canada, or Victoria Falls, visiting Iguazu Falls is still a truly unique experience to enjoy more than 275 waterfalls surrounded by a primitive jungle full of wildlife.

Remember, good planning, including booking the right flights, proper timing, checking the best season to visit this beautiful place, and avoiding the crowds is critical to a successful trip to Iguazu ( and also to South America!)

If you are planning on staying in one of the hotels inside the Iguazu Falls National park, then make sure to book your room with a view of the falls, do this with as much anticipation as possible.

And if you find yourself thinking things like this:

😱I want to plan a trip to South America, “So, where do I begin?”

🫢” Looking at the internet for the “best destinations” is a never-ending job; I have more than ten places I want to visit…and they are all so different and so far away one from the other”

​😨” And booking flights? It’s like a mission impossible to connect all those countries and destinations.”

Don’t panic .. 🆘My team and I can help you! 👯

Get in touch with us for a fully organized Custom private trip with all excursions and connections on time; as Local Experts in South America, we’ll get the perfect timing for you!

So, what do you think? Do you want to visit the Iguazu Falls on your next trip to South America?



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How to Visit Iguazu Waterfalls in Argentina & Brazil

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