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Updated: Jun 28, 2022

It’s no secret that I love Buenos Aires. I’ve traveled to numerous destinations, and no place feels like home as much as Buenos Aires does. But I must admit — sometimes, I need a quick trip out of the hustle to return feeling refreshed. A countryside travel experience is a perfect trip for unwinding and recharging during your vacation, and Argentina and Uruguay have stunning places!

Countryside Travel in South America Argentina & Uruguay

Argentina has stunning Countryside travel Experiences – This is Patagonia Argentina Countryside Experience 📷 @tipiliukelodge

What is the best country to travel to if you like the countryside?

That is a good question and one hard to answer, for sure. As we always say, it is not about the destination but the experience.

If you’re hoping to immerse yourself in nature, relax and unwind, learn about the culture and history, and taste the best wines and food surrounded by the most stunning landscapes, Argentina & Uruguay will offer a unique and unforgettable countryside Experience.

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1. What is the best country to travel to if you like the countryside?

2. Countryside travel experience in Argentina & Uruguay: what is it like?

3. What is the best countryside to go to for a vacation in South America?

3.1 Buenos Aires Countryside Travel Experience: La Bamba de Areco Estancia

3.2 Cordoba Countryside Travel Experience: Los Potreros Estancia

3.3 Patagonia Argentina Countryside Travel Experience: Tipiliuike Lodge

3.4 Punta del Este Countryside Experience: Estancia Vik

4. Which will you choose for your countryside trip?

5. How to plan your countryside travel experience

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Countryside travel experience in Argentina & Uruguay: what is it like?

Estancias play a huge part in Argentine and Uruguayan culture. To stay on one gives you the opportunity to experience the unique gaucho culture in a tranquil and beautiful setting of untamed countryside.

Countryside travel - Argentina Los Ponchos Ranch

Argentina has this rare and unique Hidden gems: This is Los Potreros Estancia in Cordoba 📷 @estancialospotreros

Much like the American Cowboy, Gauchos have become a national icon, their lives retold in stories and legends. Today they are still an integral part of the working estancias.

At an Estancia, you will get the chance to participate in activities with the gauchos, including horse riding, herding, and tending to cattle. Additional activities usually include hiking & fly fishing, and birdwatching all with the backdrop of stunning countryside.

Estancias are also known for their excellent food and wines, especially when it comes the traditional barbecues known as “asados”.

Countryside Experience Argentina

The Food is part of the Countryside Experience in Argentina & Uruguay – Asado at Tipiliuke Lodge 📷 Val Atkinson @tipiliukelodge

What is the best countryside to go to for a vacation in South America?

Here are the 4 best countryside Travel Experiences for your next trip. Find out how each one is unique and has its own personality and Why they are the best places for a countryside travel experience.

Buenos Aires Countryside Travel Experience: La Bamba de Areco

Buenos Aire is beautiful city, but where Argentina shines is in the countryside.

That’s why if you have the time, we strongly recommend when visiting Buenos Aires, getting outside the city and soaking up some of the fresh air in this Buenos Aires’s remarkable Estancia, La Bamba de Areco.

Countryside travel
Countryside Travel

Just one hour outside Buenos Aires, In the heart of the pampas, La Bamba de Areco is an authentic ranch from the beginning of the 19th century with unique character.

Horseback riding, biking in the hills, enjoying a relaxing massage or the attractive swimming pool during the warmer months, are some of the activities you can enjoy on this lovely estancia.

The estancia is set on the grounds of a polo club. You can see the international polo team in action during the Argentine polo season between September and December.

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Countryside Travel

La Bamba de Areco polo team. The property includes two polo fields and you watch games during the season.

The great part? Charming town San Antonio de Areco – is only 20 minutes away.

San Antonio de Areco is a Traditional Gaucho town, The birthplace of the gaucho tradition. The small town was founded in 1730 and is considered to be one of the oldest towns in the Province of Buenos Aires. You can observe the gauchos customs and way of life from music, dance, and cuisine, to silver and leather goods and other works of art.

Countryside travel
Countryside travel
Countryside  travel

👉When to go: La Bamba is worth visiting All year round.

👉How to get there: By car. The estancia is only 120 km from Buenos Aires .

👉Activities you can do: trekking, mountain bikes, horse riding or carriage ride, bird-spotting, Sunbathe by the swimming pool, and take Spa treatments. A gaucho show or a visit to San Antonio de Areco is also possible. Enjoy a Polo game (during the season) and polo lessons.

👉Who is this for? It’s the perfect place to end a busy South America trip to chill out and relax in a unique atmosphere before going back home

Cordoba Countryside Travel Experience: Los Potreros Estancia

If you have the dream of riding the Argentinean pampas, this is for you…

This place is horse heaven on earth, it has many recognitions for it first-class riding offer. It is one of the few places in the world where guests can ride the extraordinary Peruvian Paso horse, or the ‘dancing horse’ of Peru.

Countryside Travel - Galloping with the Gauchos

Countryside Travel – Galloping with the Gauchos 📷 @estancialospotreros

Located in a beautiful reserve at the top of the Cordoba hills, Los Potreros was established in 1574 when breeding mules for the silver mines in Peru was the principal activity. Today it is an idyllic retreat for horse riders and nature lovers.

The Begg Family personally waits to welcome you for a taste of authentic estancia life. The place maintains its “estancia” essence by hosting no more than 12 people at any time.

If you don’t ride it’s still worth visiting Begg’s country-house and experience the authentic estancia vibes with this personalized hospitality.

As a working cattle estancia, there is often the chance to ride out alongside the gauchos and help them with their daily tasks. You can also participate in one of the informal weekly Polo sessions at the estancia.

The estancia is also the perfect place to kick back and unwind. Relax beside the pool and soak up stunning views and vistas.

👉How to get there: 2-hour flight to Cordoba from Buenos Aires.

👉Activities you can do: Horseback riding ( Los Potreros features a herd of more than 120 excellent horses, providing something for riders of all abilities.), a swim near a waterfall, and a cattle roundup in which guests participate. In the evenings, entertainment include wine tastings and learning to prepare the traditional empanadas.

👉Who is this for? For those who have a passion is horseback riding and are looking for a genuine estancia experience.

Patagonia Argentina Countryside Travel Experience: Tipiliuke Lodge

This is a world-class estancia in the heart of the Patagonian lake district.

Channel your inner John Wayne at this luxe ranch the in Patagonia lake district. Tipiliuke Lodge is nestled at the heart of 50,000-acre working cattle ranch at the foot of The Andes Mountains, overlooking a stunning scenery, from a distant volcano to closer peaks, rivers running through it.

Countryside Travel

Countryside travel Experience at Tipiliule Lodge in Patagonia 📷 tipiliukelodge

Brush up on your cowboy skills, saddle up a horse and escape into the mountains with a Gaucho, or try your hand at fly-fishing. Expect to find gorgeous surroundings, skilled guides, and lots of trout!

If you love fly-fishing, this experience will exceed your expectations.

This lodge is not only a lux Ranch, it is a hidden gem that combines stunning scenery, culture, history, comfort and great fly fishing and horseback riding.

👉How to Get There: Located just minutes from the airport of San Martín De Los Andes (One-hour flight from Buenos Aires).

👉When to Go: Every season has its own magic in Patagonia. During summer time ( from december to march) you will enjoy gloriously sunny days and we always love the fall in Patagonia, even with colder weather the colours are stunning.

👉Who is this for: If you love fly fishing/or horseback riding and want to enjoy Argentina in its essence but also be pampered – this is for you!

Activities you can do: Horseback riding, Bird Watching, fishing, spa and wellness, tango lessons, wine tasting, Golf, photography.

Punta del Este Countryside Experience: Estancia VIK

Estancia Vik is just moments away from the José Ignacio town and beach, near Punta del Este, charming beach town in Uruguay.

Countryside travel VIK ESTANCIA

Sunset at Estancia Vik 📷 Tomas Laura

The Estancia enjoys the most beautiful setting on top of a hill, wonderful views of grazing cattle and horses, a lagoon and glimpses of the ocean in the distance.

Art is unique at Vik: If you are an art lover, you will love the collected works displayed at Vik

The sandy shores of José Ignacio beach are just a few moments away and a private beach deck is reserved exclusively for guests of Estancia Vik if you visit the estancia in Summer. From December to March.

Food and Drinks are also a highlight at the Estancia with the fishermen bringing in the catch of the day and the possibility select your wine from a 5,000 strong bottle wine cellar that houses Vik’s signature bottles produced at Vik’s winery in Chile.

If you love horses, explore the Atlantic coastline on horseback or play polo on the estancia fields. If you’ve never played before, lessons are easy to arrange.

👉 How to Get there: Estancia Vik is located just moments away from José Ignacio in southern Uruguay. José Ignacio is easily accessible from both Montevideo and Punta del Este international airports. Punta del Este’s airport is the nearest, a 45-minute drive away.

👉When to Go: The best time to visit Estancia Vik is between November and April. The hotel is closed from 1 August to September 30.

👉Activities in you can do : Horse-riding, hiking, playing polo and tennis. If you visit in summertime enjoy the private beach deck on Playa Vik José Ignacio or rest by the Swimming pool; spa treatment’s and sauna. Indulge the foodie in you in one of the top-rated restaurants you can find in the near Jose Ignacio Town.

👉Who is this for? If your interests include polo, barbecues, modern art, outdoor or sun-soaking lethargy, this is the right place for you…

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These 4 Countryside travel Experiences feature some of Argentina and Uruguay’s most stunning landscapes and offer the opportunity to unwind and relax…enjoy outdoor activities like horseback riding or hikings…

But, you can easily see that no two places are alike and each one has its one personality…

So, what will it be for your next countryside travel experience?

Clara Barciela Co-founder Across south America

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The Best Countryside Travel Experiences: Argentina & Uruguay

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