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Wine lovers who visit Chile should consider exploring one of its most famous valleys, the Colchagua Valley. With incredible natural beauty, unique things to do, tasty wines, and mouth-watering cuisine, this heavenly area is the icon of Chile’s Wine Country.

If you want to have a memorable vacation in this charming country, this is your ideal destination. Continue reading this article, and find out the best lodges and the top wineries in Colchagua Valley in Chile wine country that you can visit.

Chile Wine Country: Colchagua Valley Viña Montes

With a Feng Shui design, some of the finest wines in the country, a remarkable restaurant cuisine, and an incredible array of exciting outdoor activities, Viña Montes is undoubtedly one of the top wineries in Colchagua Valley, Chile.

Viña Montes in Chile Wine Country, Colchagua Valley

Viña Montes in Chile Wine Country, Colchagua Valley – Enjoy a wine tasting is this impressive, semi-circular underground cellar that lies at the heart of the building with 800 new French oak barrels where the finest Montes wines mature

The winery is one of the best attractions in this area, and it offers visitors an outstanding experience filled with trekking and significant events, special lunches and dinners, unforgettable wine-tasting moments, and exciting wine cellar tours.

Montes Wines started in 2009 as a pioneering sustainable dry farming project, and today is the only winery in Chile that carries out dry farming, resulting in highly efficient water use.

This is one of the most modern Wineries in Chile and has incorporated the principle of maintaining the manipulation at a “Minimum” level, so it has incorporated the best technology to make gravity move the grapes.

Do not miss a fabulous lunch or dinner at the nearby Fuegos De Alpata restaurant, and do not miss tasting their icon wine, the sublime Purple Angel, one of the best Carmeneres in Chile!

Chile Wine Country: Colchagua Valley Viña Santa Cruz

Viña Santa Cruz is another unique spot on every wine lover’s must-see list. Certified as a Sustainable Vineyard since 2011, Viña Santa Cruz offers memorable wine experiences, as well as other lovely activities.

Viña Santa Cruz in Chile Wine Country, Colchagua Valley  more than 150 hectares in full production

Viña Santa Cruz in Chile Wine Country, Colchagua Valley more than 150 hectares in full production

One of the best things to enjoy here is a cable car ride to the fascinating cultures that inspired its lines of wine: the Rapa Nui, Mapuche, and Aymara villages.

Viña Santa Cruz in Chile Wine Country, Colchagua Valley - Take de cable car to the top of the mountain a enjoy amazing views of the vineyard

Viña Santa Cruz in Chile Wine Country, Colchagua Valley – Take de cable car to the top of the mountain a enjoy amazing views of the vineyard

Chile Wine Country: Colchagua Valley Viña Neyen

With a breathtaking location, surrounded by imposing mountains, and with an exciting history, Viña Neyen also has a special place on our list of the top wineries in Colchagua Valley in Chile.

Visitors from all over the world visit this winery to learn about viticulture and the process of vinification, as well as to admire its old cellar that dates from 1890, and at the end of the tour, enjoy a tasty glass of Neyen, Spirit of Apalta.

Chile Wine Country: Colchagua Valley Viña Montgras

Viña Montgras is the last winery on our list, an outstanding place where you can enjoy great tours and learn amazing things about the vineyards, as well as indulge in their delicious wine and let the delicious food pairing amaze your taste buds.

Harvest Experience in Viña Montgras

Harvest Experience in Viña Montgras

Located 130 km (80 mi), southwest of Santiago, the vineyards of Viña Montgras are naturally protected by the Andes Mountain Range to the east and the Coastal Mountain Range to the west, where the Cachapoal and Tinguiririca (Colchagua) Rivers flow.

Visit the Vineyards in Harvest (February, march, or April) and take the special harvest tour. Have fun foot-treading the grapes traditionally!

chile wine country Colchagua Valley

Viña Montes take a basket and have a delicious picnic in the garden of the vineyards.

These are the top wineries in Colchagua Valley, Chile that you can visit during your two days vacation. But as you probably imagine, the most awarded valley in the country has many other incredible wineries that are waiting for you in case you want to make your stay longer.

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Wine Lodges to Spend your nights

And to ensure you have the time of your life, you can choose one of the most comfortable wine lodges to spend your nights. For travelers who want to have the experience of staying in an authentic Chilean house, Casa de Campo is a great choice. Not only will your room make you feel at home, but the food and wines will emphasize your whole holiday.

Noi Blend Colchagua is another excellent accommodation option that promises to offer visitors the tranquility of the Chilean countryside and a fantastic place for meetings and events.

In addition, Hotel Santa Cruz invites wine enthusiasts to discover the world of wine and the history and traditions of the land, welcoming them with good food and fantastic culture.

Our last accommodation suggestion is Viña la Playa, a hotel and winery located in the heart of the Colchagua Valley, on 250 hectares of vines, and famous for its wine tastings, gourmet restaurant, incredible array of sports, and the relaxing moments that offers people from all over the world.

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Chile Wine Country: Top Wineries to Visit, and Wine Lodges to Stay

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