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As probably one of the last truly pristine and wild corners of the world, Antarctica is quickly becoming popular with adventurer travelers and wildlife lovers looking to catch a glimpse of one of the most spectacular regions on Earth.

Journeying to this remote location, the 7th continent, takes a lot of planning and thought.

But don’t panic, I’m excited to help you plan your trip to Antarctica in 2024/2025 and save you from endless hours of scrolling on the search page, looking for information.

One of the most common questions we receive from our travelers is when is the best time to visit Antarctica? There are many things to consider, so we’ve put together this handy guide to help you decide when to plan your trip.

✨ The first thing to know is that you can only travel to Antarctica during the summer months, between November and March, in the southern hemisphere.

YES, only five months, This is a small and popular window. So, planning well in advance is a must.

Let’s figure out the best time to visit Antarctica and prepare for the incredible adventure that awaits you at the bottom of the world!

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What is the current weather like in Antarctica?

I have good news for you.

The climate in the Antarctic Peninsula- The part of Antarctica that most cruises visit– is much milder than you may imagine because it is located near the most northern part of Antarctica.

During Summertime in the Antarctic Peninsula, you can expect an average temperature of 0 degrees Celsius. The coldest part of the year is in June, with temperatures ranging from -20 to -15 degrees Celsius (-4 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit) during the winter season- but you will not be traveling in winter, so no worries!

What about rain? Rainfall varies across the region. When traveling to the Antarctic Peninsula, you will likely experience occasional rain.

✨ BUT, Antarctic Peninsula weather during summer is unpredictable. It is best to be ready for all conditions, from cold winter-like conditions to mild spring-like days.

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What months can you visit Antarctica?

Realistically, the only way to visit Antarctica is by joining a cruise, so you can only visit Antarctica when the sea ice opens up just enough to allow ships into the pristine glacial landscapes.

The Antarctica tourist season is from late spring to early fall, from October to March, in the southern hemisphere. The first cruises reach Antarctica at the end of October or early November (in late spring ).

✨ That being said, considering only the weather, the best time of year for an Antarctic cruise is between mid-December and mid-February in the heart of Austral summer.

best time to visit antarctica

What is the Warmest Month in Antarctica?

January, which is the middle of summer, is considered the warmest month in Antarctica,

with an average temperature reaching up to 1 to 2 degrees Celsius (33.8 to 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit) in the Antarctic Peninsula.

You’ll enjoy extra hours of daylight because of where Antarctica is located at the South Pole.

☀️ In fact, during the summer season, the sun never sets, which means you’ll get a total of 24 hours of sunlight.

January is the most popular time for land expeditions as the long daylight hours make the weather far more favorable.

It is perfect for wildlife watching, and penguin chicks are most fluffy and cute this month.


You may be thinking, Ok, Clara; I know there are roughly five months long to visit Antarctica. And the Weather is at its ‘warmest’ during January.

But, When is the best month to visit Antarctica?

I’m sorry, but I don’t have only one answer for that.

✨The best time to visit Antarctica greatly depends on what you want to see –ice scapes, penguins, mating season, chicks, whales…

If you’re a landscape photographer, late November will be the perfect time to capsule the pristine Antarctic ice. On the flip side, if you want to meet some of the continent’s wild inhabitants, late December to February is best for penguins. In contrast, February to early March is an excellent time to go whale watching and spot plenty of young fur seal pups.

So, the best time to visit Antarctica largely depends on which activities you want to enjoy.

✨ No matter the date you travel, your Antarctica cruise experience will be unforgettable AND different…

What is the ideal season to visit Antarctica to observe wildlife?

One of the things that makes a trip to Antarctica truly special is the chance to see some incredible wildlife up close.

From the beach of South Georgia Island, where you can meet King penguins and Chinstrap penguins, to the Errera Channel, where you can see minke and humpback whales, as well as thousands of gentoo penguins in mating season, Antarctica is a wildlife lover’s paradise.

✨ For the best chance of seeing both land and sea wildlife during your trip to Antarctica, early February may be the best time to book your cruise.

When can you see Penguins and Whales in Antarctica?

If you want to see penguin chicks or colonies during their courtship rituals, you’ll want to visit between late December and February.

By the end of March, many penguins’ colonies empty as they return to the sea to hunt.

Later in the season, February and March give you the best chances of seeing elephant seals, leopard seals, and the world’s most giant inhabitant, the mighty blue whale!

best time to visit antarctica

2 last tips when choosing your travel dates to Antarctica.


December, January, and February are the most popular months to visit Antarctica, and cruises are the most expensive.

Look at November and March, the shoulder season, when wildlife spotting might be a little more complicated (although still possible), and the temperatures will be slightly colder.

You’ll be treated to a few things other visitors won’t see, including stunning ice formations and even sunrises and sunsets (which are nonexistent close to December’s solstice!)

best time to visit antarctica


Antarctic cruises aren’t like any other kind of holiday, and honestly, we’d recommend you book it as far in advance as possible.

These are once-in-a-lifetime trips with a short seasonal window and limited room onboard these luxurious cruises, so they fill up quickly. With so much demand, prices do not tend to go down.

This is a bucket-list-worthy trip, after all!

Especially if you plan on traveling in the peak season, you’ll want to book your trip to Antarctica at least a year from your departure date.

This also gives you enough time to purchase all your cold-weather gear ahead of your big adventure!

Good to Know! you don’t have to pay the full amount immediately. You can pay a deposit and have about a year before paying the balance.

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How long should you spend on an Antarctica vacation?

It’ll come as no surprise that getting to Antarctica is a bit of an undertaking!

Many expedition cruises set off from South America towards the White Continent. These expeditions are usually pretty small ships by cruising standards with a series of Zodiacs for day trips and landings to not disturb the surrounding pristine environments.

Flying into the Punta Arenas airport in Chile or to the most southerly city in the world, Ushuaia in Argentina, are the most popular Antarctic cruise starting points. You can also fly into Buenos Aires and start your journey from there. You can include a night or two in the Argentine capital before jumping on a flight down to Punta Arenas in Chilean or Ushuaia in Argentinean Patagonia.

From Ushuaia or Punta Arenas, you can join a short trip that can take around 9-12 days via the South Shetland Islands. If you want to visit the Falkland Islands and the South Georgia Islands as well, you’ll need between 12-23 days.

Along the way to the Antarctic, you’ll traverse the infamous Drake Island, explore wildlife on the South Shetland Islands, including Prince George Island, and even perhaps South Georgia and the Falklands on some longer itineraries.

Eventually, your cruise ship will cross the Antarctic Circle and find yourself on the Antarctic Peninsula, where you can jump on Zodiac boats and head to different bays and landing sites to get up close to some rare native wildlife, see the thick sea ice, and get those iconic photos you’ve always dreamed of on this once in a lifetime trip.

Remember, if you’re flying into South America, either to Buenos Aires or straight to Punta Arenas or Ushuaia, you may want to give yourself a couple of days to tackle any jetlag and ready yourself for the voyage.

Again, after you’ve finished your expedition cruise, you’ll probably want at least an additional day or two to relax and recharge your batteries before any long-haul onward travel.

So, are you ready to book your bucket list trip to Antarctica?

best time to visit antarctica

Still not sure if Antarctica is for you?

Check the points in this post.

And if you say YES to all of them… add Antarctica to your Travel Bucket List✈️

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When Is The Best Time To Visit Antarctica In 2024/2025?

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