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Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Abundant in natural attractions, including massive glaciers in Patagonia, to the Atacama desert in the North, Chile is also home to some inspiring resorts and luxury hotels.

But, Why is Chile so Special, and why should you consider

traveling to Chile when visiting South America?

A legend says that when God created the earth, there was a little bit of everything – some mountains, some lakes, some rivers, a few glaciers and volcanoes, an eclectic assortment of flora and fauna – left over.

These extra bits were tossed into the ocean off South America’s Pacific Coast, creating Chile.

And it is true.

Chile claims to be the longest country in the world, stretching more than 2,670 miles from north to south, crossing through at least seven major climate areas. You can go north and find deserts, go to the beach and find oceanic climates, or visit Patagonia and see glaciers.

And this is one of the things that, for me, makes Chile a unique destination.

The combination of the spectacular beauty of different types of natural attractions that no one else on earth has makes Chile a destination you need to put on your bucket list.

From a city bolthole in downtown Santiago to a getaway in a delightfully isolated spot, this guide covers all the finest stays in the “the deepest point of the Earth.”

As part of our 2023 Luxury and Boutique hotel-Guides, I have written this new Blog Post to bring you the best accommodations in Chile.

I have divided this Guide according to Chile’s foremost sites:

Atacama Dessert, the driest desert in the world; Patagonia, a magical place as you will be at the “end of the world”; Chiloe, an island that Chileans themselves Love and is not known for many; Santiago de Chile, the capital of Chile; and the mystic Easter Island.

But before we dive in, I think it’s important to mention that our 2023 List of the best resorts in Chile ( as it is with our Guide About the best resorts in Argentina 2023) is based on Maria’s and my personal preferences and not on a ranking (or an Affiliate program).

We or someone from our team have personally visited them and love them.

That’s why they are on this list.

So, now that I have mentioned this, let’s dive into the best boutique hotels and Luxurious hotels in Chile. Here, you can find our 20 preferred lodges for your next trip to Chile.

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1. Best Hotels and Resorts in Chile, Torres del Paine. Chilean Patagonia.

2. Best Hotels and Resorts in Chile. Atacama Dessert

3. Best Hotels and Resorts in Chile. Eastern Island.

4. Best Hotels and Resorts in Chile. Santiago de Chile

5. Best Hotels and Resorts in Chile. Santiago Wine Region

6. Best Hotels and Resorts in Chile. Chiloe, Patagonia

7. Pamper Yourself in Chile

Best hotels and Resorts in Chile

Torres del Paine. Chilean Patagonia.

The good thing about Torres del Paine is that you can find many stunning accommodations: All-inclusive accommodations at the luxury lodges and glamping luxury camps.

What is the experience like at these all-inclusive Adventure Resorts on our list?

They are small unique properties with an eye on architectural and interior design, using furniture and accessories handmade with local materials to be as authentic as possible.

They are located in unique spots with stunning, beautiful views.

They offer a menu of excursions to explore Torres del Paine National Park at your own pace, with friendly and professional guides.

You will taste the most delicious local food produced with local ingredients and be pampered with a top-notch personalized, friendly service.

In these lodges, everything is included; you have to take yourself and enjoy!

So, these are our favorite Luxury all-inclusive resorts in Torres del Paine.

1. Tierra Patagonia Hotel. The perfect mix of luxury and adventure.

The hotel is part of the Tierra hotels collection, including three Chile hotels. Tierra Chiloé, Tierra Atacama and Tierra Patagonia.

This lodge is a spectacular architectural gem in Torres del Paine National Park. With an outstanding Location on the border of the national park, incredibly well integrated into the landscape.

Expect breathtaking views, delicious meals, and fun excursions with professional guides.

The Spa is outstanding, with a fantastic heated indoor swimming pool with magnificent views and a Wonderful outdoor hot tub. making this hotel also a spa resort.

If you are looking for the perfect mix of luxury and adventure, this is the right place for you in Torres del Paine!

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2. Explora Patagonia. Stunning views of the Pehoe Lake

Explora is located at the center of the Torres del Paine National Park, on the shores of turquoise Pehoé Lake, chosen by The Huffington Post as one of the world’s most beautiful lakes.

Due to its privileged location within the park, Explora in Torres del Paine has breathtaking views of the Paine Massif.

Explora is the perfect place to stay if you want to explore Torres del Paine and unwind.

Explora Patagonia boasts over 50 different excursions, from guided hikes to horseback excursions, with guides specially trained.

Best resorts Chile Explora lodge Patagonia
Explora Patagonia Lodge Stunning Views - One of the best Resorts in Chile
Explora Patagonia unique excursions in Torres del Paine National Park

It’s the only luxury hotel inside the park open all year, making for a cozy winter bolthole.

As with all Explora properties, Rooms are not equipped with televisions or Wi-Fi, only available in the hotel’s common areas.

3- Awasi Patagonia. Personalized and off-the-beaten-path explorations

With only 14 cabins on their private reserve, I consider Awasi the most luxurious lodge to explore Torres del Paine National park.

Its stunning, isolated setting provides privacy and space to explore and relax.

Each villa has its private guide and 4×4 vehicle, so you can explore at your own pace, following off-the-beaten-track hiking trails. The attention to detail and personalized service make this lodge unique.

4. The Singular Patagonia. Steeped in History

With its fascinating history, unique architectural design, and world-class cuisine, the Singular Patagonia is one of the top adventure resorts in South America.

This hotel is not located within the National Park. It is located just outside Puerto Natales in the Chilean town of Puerto Bories- the gateway to Torres del Paine National Park.

The Singular Patagonia is an

Best Resorts in Chile – The singular Patagonia is a former sheep-processing plant built in 1915

This spectacular hotel is a former sheep-processing plant built in 1915. It was the biggest, most modern cold storage plant in Latin America. The building has been transformed while celebrating its history, including a museum displaying some old machinery and artifacts.

The Singular is a luxury hotel geared toward adventure. The hotel offers full and half-day excursions for all abilities both in Torres del Paine National Park and around the fjord in the Puerto Natales area, including trekking and day trips to Torres del Paine National Park, horseback riding, kayaking, and condor-watching.

After a long trek or hike, reward yourself at the wellness Spa chill in the inside-outside pool or unwinding with one of the massages.

The food is part of the experience at the Singular. “El Asador ” restaurant revolves around the open wood-burning grill. Meats such as lamb, guanaco, rabbit, and beef are prepared with other distinctive delicacies—created with the region’s best ingredients.

Sustainability Highlight: The resort was built using sustainable materials and was awarded the LEED environmental certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) by the US Green Building Council.

5. Las Torres Patagonia. Step out of the door onto your trail to Base Las Torres

The Hotel Las Torres is ideally situated to explore the national park. Step out of the door and onto the trail to base las Torres. It is also the only hotel that offers to do part of the Base Las Torres trek by horse.

Take some time to explore the hotel’s 8,000-acre ranch and meet its enthusiastic team of horses. Enjoy cultural activities; get a sense of Patagonian history on this family-run ranch and see the baqueanos (Patagonian cowboys) caring for the horses in the on-site stables.

What We Like most about This Hotel >> Its central location and easy access to the trails for the park.

Why Reserva Las Torres in Torres del Paine National Park  Watch my Instagram live chat with Joanne Ellis commercial manager of @lastorres.patagonia

Why Reserva Las Torres in Torres del Paine National Park

Watch my Instagram live chat with Joanne Ellis commercial manager of @lastorres.patagonia

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6- Patagonia Camp. Luxury Glamping in Patagonia

There is a new way of enjoying nature’s beauty without giving up pampering yourself during your vacation. That is glamping in Torres del Paine, Patagonia.

It’s a modern twist on a traditional camping experience; it offers you the chance to combine the best of the outdoors with the best indoor comfort. It’s a mix of natural delights and luxury hotel comforts for anyone who wishes to get inspired and reconnect with nature.

Patagonia Camp is welcoming its visitors with 20 luxurious yurts with views of Toro Lake and the Paine massif, as well as peaceful surroundings filled with natural beauty and incredible wildlife.

Here, foodies can indulge in delicious modern Chilean dishes made with local ingredients and fantastic wines from the award-winning Matetic vineyard.

What We Like most about This Hotel >> Stargaze from your Luxury yurt ceiling at night.

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Best hotels and Resorts in Chile.

Atacama Dessert

7- Tierra Atacama Chile. Shockingly beautiful.

Imagine this… the night is falling, and you are sitting by the fireplace outside on a beautiful terrace… You are with friends, your family chatting, enjoying… You look up and see the stars. You feel you are part of the universe. The stars are unbelievable. Shockingly beautiful…

Relax and enjoy stunning views in the Atacama Desert - Tierra Atacama hotel

Best resorts in Chile -Tierra Atacama

Atacama desert is the world’s most arid desert and the best place for stargazing… The natural conditions of the Atacama Desert allow us to see the stars, unlike in any other place on the planet.

The Atacama desert is located in northern Chile, and Tierra Atacama Hotel is the perfect match to explore the desert and enjoy an active, pampered vacation.

Choose from a menu of half and full-day excursions to Explore the Atacama Desert your way. Including visits to the dunes, the salt flats, Moon Valley, Rainbow Valley, and the geysers.

Don’t miss the Atacama Stargazing, an excursion offered by Tierra Atacama that includes observing the spectacular starry night sky.

8-Nayara Alto Atacama an oasis, close to San Pedro de Atacama.

Nayara Alto Atacama has fast become one of the most sought-after all-inclusive luxury hotels in San Pedro de Atacama.

Alto Atacama is slightly further away from town from other properties in the area, at three kilometers or a 10-minute drive from San Pedro de Atacama, and very close to the Pukara de Quitor, a pre-Inca fortress.

Settled in a tranquil valley, surrounded by terracotta-colored mountains, it has been built with materials sourced from the local area to blend in as much as possible with its natural surroundings and typical Atacameño building style.

Alto Atacama offers a menu of adventure activities to explore the desert. You can hike, mountain bike, or go star gazing – all with experienced guides.

Everything is designed along the ‘leave no trace’ eco-policy.

9-Explora Atacama. Unique excursions

As with all the Explora properties, what I like most about this hotel is the wide range of excursions that it offers to its guests. Explora Atacama provides over 40 activities to explore the Atacama desert uniquely. You’ll be able to discover the deepest mysteries of the desert: its contrasts, geography, the sky, wildlife, and culture.

Explora Atacama provides over 40 activities to explore the Atacama desert uniquely.

Excursions can be undertaken on foot, by bicycle, horseback and tailored according to your experience and fitness.

There is an observatory, so take advantage of the night star gazing.

Today, I’m still a big fan of Explora, but I would argue that the competition has certainly caught up with it, and, what was once the only choice, is now one of four that are up there.

Relax by the pool at Explora Atacama
Enjoy a delicious champagne in the dessert
Biking in the deserts at Explora Atacama

10-Awasi Atacama Desert. True Personalized service

Awasi experience in Atacama is once more for me the more luxurious lodge to visit the dessert. With only 12 cottages, each with its guide, it is possible to stay here for a week and only occasionally bump into the other guest.

When other hotels, like the Explora or Tierra, or Nayra, have gone for the extensive spa and pool areas with endless views out to the desert. Awasi experience is about privacy, personalized service, outstanding food, a great vibe, and fantastic guides.

The rooms are enormous, beautiful, and fully equipped.

It should be your choice when visiting Atacama if you want a private, quiet experience and a top-notch personalized service.

Located a little closer to town than the other luxury lodges, it is also a good choice if you want to get a good feel for this charming village,

11-Cumbres San Pedro de Atacama. The Largest luxury resort in Atacama.

Atacama’s largest resort features 60 large and comfortable rooms spread over the vast property. Each room having its own patio looking onto native flora and an indoor/outdoor shower.

It has the largest Spa in all of San Pedro de Atacama. Excursions include all the classic Atacama experiences with a private guide.

It is located on the outskirts of San Pedro de Atacama, approx. 2km from the town centre and a free shuttle into town is available.

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Best hotels and Resorts in Chile

Easter Island

12. Nayara Hangaroa eco village. Family stay in Eastern Island

It is the newest luxury resort on Eastern Island and the Perfect lodge to stay in Eastern Island if you are traveling with your family.

The property is located in Hanga Roa – the island’s main town, so it is ideal for those who like to walk into town and explore the local shops & markets.

The lodge has 75 rooms, so If you are looking for more intimacy, then Explora should be your choice.

13. Explora Rapa Nui. Adventure Spa resort in Easter Island.

Explora Rapa Nui is 10km outside Hanga Roa, Easter Island’s only town and airport. The location is ideal for easy access to explore the whole island.

Explora Rapa Nui was the best hotel to stay in on the island for many years. More recently, other luxury hotels have opened on the island; yet Explora arguably remains our top pick together with Nayara Hangaroa.

Explore Easter Island with explora lodge professional guides
Best resorts in Chile Explora Rapa Nui
Best Resorts in Chile Explora

What sets Explora Rapa Nui apart, as I already mentioned with other Explora properties, is the 30 different ‘explorations’ provided by their expert guides that cater to varying fitness and experience levels. Fitness and experience levels.

Enjoy hikes around the island, bike rides, snorkeling, and SCUBA diving at your own pace.

Best Resorts in Chile.

Santiago de Chile

14. Singular Santiago. Classic & Modern boutique hotel

It is situated in the bohemian district of Lastarria in the heart of Santiago. The hotel combines heritage and classic design ( as it is an early 20th-century restored building) with modern features and facilities.

Enjoy a glass of some of the best wines in the hotel rooftop bar, which gives some of the best views in Santiago,

15. Cumbres de Lastarria. Boutique but with all the facilities.

This hotel is super hotel to stay in Santiago.

Located right in the heart of the Lastarria district- the hip part of Santiago- with many restaurants just outside the front door;

The feel of the hotel itself is a real boutique feel ( not a chain hotel) but with plenty of facilities and lovely spacious rooms.

16. Le Reve. The most Charming stay in Santiago

Also, one of my favs hotels to stay in is Santiago. It is a French-decor-inspired property located in the friendly Providencia neighborhood, a more residential neighborhood of Santiago and well-known for good restaurants.

Best resorts in Chile

This photo of the hotel captures the charm of Le Reve

17. Hotel Magnolia. charming boutique hotel in Santiago’s historic center

An old 1920s mansion in Santiago’s historic center has been renovated and extended to create a 42-room hotel. The Hotel Magnolia is a bold blend of old and new.

One of the things I like most about the hotel is the rooftop bar, with its glass and wooden floors, black furniture, and views of Cerro Santa Lucía.

A Great place to stay in the heart of downtown Santiago.

Best hotels and Resorts in Chile

Santiago Wine Region

18. Casona Matetic. Great winery and historical property.

If you dream about an unforgettable vacation in Chile, Casona Matetic promises to offer you exactly what your heart and eyes desire. This family-owned accommodation is heaven for all wine lovers who want to enjoy relaxing moments surrounded by 9 thousand hectares of natural beauty in El Rosario, where the mesmerizing vineyard and a wide variety of flora and fauna are waiting to be explored.

Located just of the main road through to Valparaiso, the Matetic vineyard has become famous for the fantastic organic wines that it produces.

19. Vik Chile. Luxurious modern Vineyard

The hotel is located in Millahue. It is nestled in a vineyard allowing visitors to get the whole wine farming experience. There are 22 suites in this luxury facility which offers guests a spa and private winery. The spa is a wine spa that uses treatments inspired by the land and the grapes grown on it.

The VIK winery is known among wine connoisseurs thanks to the combination of wine traditions and the technologically creative And sustainable visual wine experience it offers.

But that is not all. Viña Vik also welcomes its faithful and new visitors with high-class accommodations that offer not only comfort but also breathtaking views of the vineyard, surrounding nature and the Andes Mountains, a relaxing pool, unforgettable gastronomical experiences, outdoor activities, and a holistic wine spa.

If you are willing to stay at Viña Vik you will need to book well in advance. As with many of our suggested hidden gems properties in South America I recommend booking your trip with more than 6 months in advance.

Best Resorts and hotel in Chile

Chiloe, Patagonia

20. Tierra Chiloe. Disconnect in pristine nature.

It’s ideal for those looking to disconnect in pristine nature, for wildlife lovers, and for those who value unique, off-the-beaten path destinations.

The hotel is the only luxury hotel on the enchanting island of Chiloé; an archipelago just off the coast of Chile’s Lake District in Northern Patagonia.

Steeped in tradition, a journey to Tierra Chiloé is as much about the island’s rich and magical culture as it is about its beautiful landscapes.

If you are planning to visit Chile, consider including Chiloé, a hidden gem to visit in chile! Tierra Chiloé is located a convenient 30 minute drive from the capital Castro on the banks of the Rilán peninsula.

Flights from Santiago to Castro operate weekly ( 3-4 times a week) and there are daily flights from Santiago to Puerto Montt, which is a 3-hr drive from the hotel.


It’s safe to say that most of us expect a certain level of amenities when we hear “luxury.”

These 20 most luxurious Resorts in CHILE don’t just fit the bill; they over-deliver.

Whether you’re planning to explore Patagonia’s pristine landscapes, immerse yourself in Chile’s wine district, Stargaze in Atacama Dessert, or learn the legends of Rappa Nui, this list is sure to inspire you, chile’s traveler looking for immersion in both adventure and total luxury.

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20 Best Resorts in Chile for Your Trip in 2023

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