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If you are Looking for the best wine tours in Argentina, you should first know that two places are a must-see in Argentina for a Foodie traveler: Buenos Aires and Mendoza.

If you love a more cosmopolitan city, Buenos Aires is one of South America’s best cities to visit.

Buenos Aires is also the most European city in South America because most of the population of Argentina are descendants of immigrants from Spain, Italy, and other European countries. You can find the European style in the architecture, museums, and streets, and most certainly, in the variety and quality of food.

You can undoubtedly taste world-class cuisine in Buenos Aires. The city offers the best restaurants in South America, and it is a legendary food city with amazing meat, wonderful bakeries, and amazing pizza.

In the Photo La Cabrera Restaurant, famous Parrilla ( and one of the best Ojo de Bife you will ever taste!) from the famous chef Gastón Riveira

What about Mendoza?

As for Mendoza, if you’ve heard of Mendoza, it’s most likely because of its wine reputation, as Mendoza is the largest wine producer in South America and one of the 11 Great Wine Capitals of the World.

Mendoza has become synonymous with its Malbec production, but Cabernet Sauvignon and Bonarda are also two key red varieties of the province.

Mendoza is a paradise for wine lovers and winemakers, offering fine dining restaurants to boutique luxurious wine lodges overlooking the vineyards.

Argentina Wine tours  - Valle de Uco Salentein

These two destinations will make a great culinary experience in Argentina and are perfect for those like you who enjoy tasting all kinds of local foods and drinking wine.

I lived in Buenos Aires for quite a long time – almost 15 years, and have been to the Wine district in Argentina quite many times. Surprisingly, I still need to see it all; there is always something new to explore, especially when you want to see authentic, fun, exciting places.

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5.1 What to do in Buenos Aires

5.2 Mendoza’s iconic Wine District

5.3 Cooking Classes in Mendoza & Salta

5.5 Cafayate, Highest Winery in the World

5.6 Stay at the most charming Wine Lodges & Fincas.

5.7 Enjoy a Wine and Beef experience at the land of the “Gauchos.”

6. More South America wine tours for you

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How many days to spend on a Wine tour to Argentina?

A once-in-a-lifetime trip to Argentina to explore the wine country, taste local foods, and see unexpected and off-the-beaten-track destinations means spending at least 12 to 14 days.

You can spend two weeks in Argentina and still have plenty more to explore.

Regarding Food & Wine in Argentina, you can always find new places to visit and flavors to indulge your palate! Since Argentina is such a vast country, it is unsurprising that you can find yourself lost when planning an itinerary around food and wine.

In this Blog Post, I focus on Mendoza, Buenos Aires, and the northwest of Argentina. But did you know Patagonia also has unique dishes and boutique wineries that will undoubtedly be worth another visit to South America?

In the Photos Humberto Canale winery in Patagonia -Alto Valle de Río Negro – I’m in love with their Pinot Noir wine

How Would you describe a Perfect Wine Tour to Argentina?

My favorite Food and Wine Itinerary in Argentina includes fantastic culinary experiences, access to small boutique wineries, outstanding Wine lodges, and off-the-beaten-path destinations that are still out of tourist radars.

BUT, this is for me.

Not all travelers are the same; everyone is different and enjoys different exploring ways. Some of us like to relax and unwind while discovering the local foods, learning about the wine process, and, why not, taking a cooking class with a local chef. Some others prefer to eat and drink wine, but cooking is something other than what they enjoy while on holiday! Some Travelers enjoy a packed itinerary, while others prefer to explore one country in depth.

And I know this because, Since 2007, as a Boutique company, our primary focus has been to craft South American vacations so that all itineraries differ. Whatever type of traveler you are, we’ve got you covered!

So, before diving into our day-by-day Inspiring wine & food trip to Argentina, I want to explain that as all our Trips are 100% custom-made, we tailor all the itineraries per our traveler’s wishes.

And This itinerary I’m suggesting can be used as a base for your trip or a combination of other places in South America, such as Chile’s wine district, Galapagos Island or Machu Picchu; you name it!

Now, let’s me share this trip, one of my favorites wines tours to Argentina!

Best Time to take a wine tour to Argentina?

Here is what I recommend for a Wine & Gourmet Tour in Argentina: You can take this trip all year, although the best months are from September to May, so you’ll avoid the Wintertime in Argentina.

Argentina wine tours Colome

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Our suggested Best Argentina Luxury Food & Wine Tour

If this is your first time to Argentina, I suggest spending 12 days and 11 nights, including Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Salta, and San Antonio de Areco.

Let’s dive in in each destination and the the foodie experience you can have.

Explore Buenos Aires, its Historic Districts, and Local Markets & taste street food.

Get acquainted with the Capital city of Argentina and go to one of the local barbecue places to taste the unbeatable Argentinian steak restaurant ( for example, Don Julio Restaurant).

In the photos, Don Julio Parrilla, and its home made, Chorizo Argentino.

See Buenos Aires’s history through its iconic buildings in Mayo Square and then head to the San Telmo district to explore the city’s architecture in this beautiful neighborhood. You’ll learn about the history of this famous neighborhood and its culinary artisans, including some of Buenos Aires’ best street eateries.

Bonus: taste the best local empanadas, “choris,” and medialunas.

Bonus 2: A glass – or two – of a good Malbec Red wine will be the perfect complement for this experience.

Learn about Mendoza’s iconic Wine District; Enjoy Wine & Cheese pairings.

Book your stay in one of the Boutique or more luxurious Wine Lodge, or why not book a private villa (we can help!).

Enjoy an introduction to Mendoza’s Wine, including wine-tasting different varietals and cheese pairings.

argentina wine tours

Discover why Mendoza is home to the best wines in the country while you visit our favorite wineries today and enjoy the city’s best food.

What you’ll do: Take an Argentine Wine Tasting Class with an Expert Sommelier & Sample the Finest Chocolates. Visit Premium Wineries (Bodegas) such as Catena Zapata, Bodega Caro and bodega El Enemigo. You can expect delicious food, wine, and magical views of the Andes Mountains and the vineyards.

You will experience Mendoza’s cuisine at Lunch time while you Savor a 4-Course lunch at bodega El Enemigo.

Take part in Cooking Classes in Salta and Mendoza.

Explore Uco Valley, a Wine & Gourmet journey to the world’s highest vineyards. You will understand why Uco has become our favorite Argentine Wine region while you enjoy tasting different wines and biking through the vineyards.

What you’ll experience: a beautiful drive on the dirt roads and among the vineyards; we will undertake a bike tour through the vineyards of the Masi Tupungato winery combined with a tasting of its outstanding organic wines to end with an unstructured lunch at Andeluna winery.

Argentina wine tours

Masi Tupungato represents a unique example of a structure where you can visit an authentic botanical garden, an oasis of biodiversity and conservation of numerous native plants and animals.

Bonus: a fun Cooking class learning the secrets of “mountain cuisine,” an interactive experience with the kitchen team preparing dishes together. Create your version of “empanadas,” the typical dish locals eat daily. Everything will happen over a good glass of wine.

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Salta & Cafayate, Northern Argentina’s Dramatic Highest Winery in the World

The Food & Wine Journey in Argentina continues to the country’s Northwest. For lovers of gastronomy, this is an unforgettable time, a participatory time in regional cuisine. You will learn more about the components of the meals in the Northwest of Argentina and the talented people producing them. It will give you a much deeper understanding of this undiscovered region.

Memorable moment: We will learn about the best ingredients mixed up with the locals, their food culture, and their use of regional products. You will discover why the “salteños” love their local market.

The cooking lesson is the opportunity to learn from the local Chef about regional dishes while sharing anecdotes about Salta and their people.

This Itinerary takes you on a dramatic journey toward the highest winery in the world. The scenery that will accompany you all along the way offers a unique wine experience in Argentina and one of the most beautiful drive sceneries in the country.

Highlight: the drive from Salta to the wine town of Cafayate meanders through the stunning red, purple and pastel cliffs of the Quebrada de las Conchas, or the Gorge of Shells, within the Calchaquí Valleys.

All along the way, our well-versed geology and paleontology driver/guide will teach you all about these hidden gems, including 15-million-year-old fossils. During the drive, you will make several stops and hike the lookouts with unique geological formations.

Did you know that the Calchaquí Valleys region produces not much more than one percent of Argentina’s wine output, but the quality of its signature white torrontés is tops?

Stay at the most charming Wine Lodges & Fincas.

This itinerary includes unique stays that are part of Argentina’s culinary and wine experience. A place such as Grace Cafayate luxury hotel and spa will pamper you! The hotel is well-located to allow visits to the area’s many wineries, and it offers excellent dining, a golf course, and a swimming pool. A polo field is situated on the premises for the sport’s enthusiasts.

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Enjoy a Wine and Beef experience at the land of the “Gauchos.”

San Antonio de Areco. Areco is ideal for getting acquainted with Gaucho’s traditions and enjoying the countryside.

Highlight: Explore Areco Village; As one of the oldest towns in Argentina, it invites you to return to the eighteenth century with its narrow colonial streets, church, bars, and museums. Walk around the historical center with a local, understand how Creole artists’ ateliers create the local crafts, and enjoy lunch at a typical Pulperia with local wine.

Argentina wine tours

After visiting Areco, spend a relaxing day and restore your energy at the Estancia.

Bonus: Wine and Beef. At this stop in Argentina, we bring you an utterly delicious day. Learn the ins and outs of the “asado” and wine pairing, along with a cooking demonstration.

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More South America Wine Tours for you

If you Looking for a more immersive and authentic cultural experience for your next vacation? – one of the best ways to discover a new culture is by tasting their traditional food or experiencing their drinking rituals.

And I hope that with this trip I have inspired you!

But South America also offers other amazing destinations to combine with your Argentina wine tour. Check them here: ,Check here OUR Suggested trips to South America Wine Destinations.

AND Don’t forget to, sign up here to download our South America food And wine travel guide. We have included some amazing foodie and wine experiencesI I know you will love and that you need to include in your dream tour to Argentina or South America wine country.

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