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"We didn't have to worry about anything!"

Our accommodations were perfect, all of our travel (airlines, drivers, pickups) was arranged, friendly and on time. Lilia, our experience manager, was wonderful! She checked in daily & made sure we were set. Highly recommended!


"Every moment in Argentina was a dream come true."

Two weeks of living, laughing, and loving in Argentina were unforgettable. We enjoyed perfect weather, stayed in beautiful hotels, and are still reminding ourselves that life is much bigger than our small worries.


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Raving Client

"This is a boutique travel agency that hums like a corporation."

"Itinerary aside, Across South America provided exceptional services. The process was simple & professional, and their experience manager was AMAZING. We felt like she was traveling with us!"


Ruthan Donahue

"This was a once in a lifetime, bucket list trip."

"Across South America provided the perfect blend of land and sea adventures, cultural immersion, and yes, some touristy fun... "


Morgan Nelson

"We didn't have to worry about anything!"

"Loved working with Maria to plan our trip! Our accommodations were perfect, all of our travel (airlines, drivers, pickups) were arranged, friendly and on time, and our experience manager was wonderful! Highly recommend!"

Ruthan Donahue

"Everything was just perfect."

"As seniors, we hoped for a diverse itinerary that we could manage and give us the end of the earth experience. We were introduced to the hospitality of Argentina with lively conversation, fabulous food, and a fun introduction to the wines of South America."


Ruthan Donahue

"Personalized & memorable."

"Our personal guides for all of the excursions were knowledgeable, personable, and easy to communicate. We'll never forget standing at the glacier lake and listening to... nothing! Absolute silence in a glorious landscape."

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