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Updated: Mar 28, 2023

If a romantic & wine-infused getaway is what you’re after, these are the hidden gems of the wine regions in South America that NEED to be on your travel bucket list.

These South American wine hotels are also incredible and romantic places to visit even without the wine (I mean, is there anything more beautiful than waking up in a vineyard??).

But especially if you love wine, you are going to have the best time in these beautiful & romantic wine hotels in South America!

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1. Where to stay during your wine trip to South America

2.1 Romantic wine hotels in South America – Argentina

2.2 Argentina Wine Regions Mendoza & Salta

2.3 Cavas Wine Lodge

2.4 The Vines Wine Lodge

2.5 Grace Cafayate

3.1 Romantic Wine Hotels in South America – Chile

3.2 Romantic Wine Hotels in South America – Uruguay

4. Best time to visit South America Wine Country

5. Our suggested trips to South America for Food & Wine Lovers.

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Where to stay during your wine tour to South America?

You probably already know this, but I’m incredibly fond of WINES. I’ve traveled to the wine regions of South America multiple times over the last few years.

But no matter how many times I go, I keep coming back. If you are a wine lover, South America has so much to offer travelers, from its up-and-coming food scene, world-famous Vineyards, and incredible romantic boutique wine hotels.

Whether you’re just looking for a romantic getaway with your significant other or hoping to celebrate Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or your honeymoon, sleeping in a charming vineyard in South America will make this a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Maybe it’s the pleasant climates, the wide-open spaces, or the fantastic views — but for whatever reason, there’s nothing quite like a vineyard-hotel romantic getaway in South America! Here are our top choices for the most romantic boutique wine hotels in South America.

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1. The Most Romantic Wine Hotels in South America: Argentina

Argentina Wine Regions

Argentina boasts two wine destinations: Mendoza and Salta. Mendoza is the star of Argentine wines due to its incredible production diversity. Up to 80% of Argentinian wine production takes place here. With wineries spread out through the three central wine regions – Lujan de Cuyo, Valle de Uco, and Maipu – wide open spaces with nothing but vines, mountain majesty and blue skies, and some of the best winery designs in the world, it is a place you genuinely don’t want to miss!

During your stay in Mendoza, you can choose to stay in the city center with its wide range of ‘foodie’ choices or stay in a vineyard, which is our suggestion, where you can truly immerse yourselves in wine culture.

Salta wine region is Nestled high in the Lerma Valley at the foothills of the Andes mountains. This wine region is renowned as home to the highest altitude vineyards in the world and is regarded as the epicenter for the country’s white wine Torrontés, the only 100% Argentinian white grape variety. . The most important wine growing areas in the Salta region of Argentina, is Cafayate and the sky-scraping vineyards of Molinos.

Cavas Wine Lodge

The Perfect luxury romantic getaway to celebrate love.

📍Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza

Picture this: Your own adobe-walled buildings, with a rooftop terrace where you can sit by the fire, and watch the stars or sunrise, chill out, sipping a delicious Malbec while lying on a comfortable mattress with amazing views of the vineyards…. 🔥

The best wine hotels of South America Photo by @mfeher
The best wine hotels in South America. Cavas Wine Lodge Mendoza. Photo By  @food.and.stories
The best wine hotels of South America - Cavas Wine lodge Photo by @lackofspice

Cavas Wine Lodge is absolutely exquisite, one of my favorite Luxury boutique hotels in Argentina. It is located 20 minutes outside Mendoza, with breathtaking views of the vineyards and the Andes in the background. It is a dream hotel that belongs to the Relais & Chateaux seal, which are always picturesque and distinguished hotels.

The Vines of Mendoza

The perfect combination = wine + nature + excellent food!

📍Valle de Uco, Mendoza

They are nestled at the base of the majestic Andes Mountains in Mendoza’s prestigious Uco Valley. The Vines offers private vineyards for visitors to explore. World-class spa treatments and top-quality cuisine accompany the rustic luxury of the establishment.

The hotel houses the famous restaurant 7 Fuegos of the Internationally acclaimed chef Francis Mallmann.

Grace Hotel Cafayate

A Hidden Gem in a Hidden destination

📍Cafayate, Salta

Cafayate, in Argentina’s province of Salta, is another of Argentina’s best wine-producing areas and offers tourists great opportunities to see the wine production process. Grace Cafayate Hotel is located in the Calchaquí Valley. A luxury hotel and spa where you can expect to be pampered! This hotel is well-located to allow visits to the area’s many wineries. The hotel offers excellent dining, a golf course, and a swimming pool. A polo field is situated on the premises for the sport’s enthusiasts.

The Best wine hotel of South America - Grace Cafayate

2. The Most Romantic Wine Hotels in South America: Uruguay

It is one of the best-kept secrets regarding wine in South America and a beautiful country to visit.

The wine production region of Uruguay is small compared to other countries. Tannant is the most important variety and is an intellectual wine to discover. Some wine farms lie close to the capital, Montevideo. This allows tourists to enjoy the excitement of city life with a brief ride out to some of the continent’s best wines

Narbona Wine Lodge

Superb wine lodge to relax and unwind

📍Carmelo, Uruguay

The 5-room luxury Narbona boutique hotel is located in the hull of the original farm dating from 1909. It is a tiny, charming place, making your experience very personalized and private almost like having your own house.

Old and new are carefully blended to give a vintage experience with all the modern requirements.

3. The Most Romantic Wine Hotels of South America: Chile

Lapostolle Residence

This beautiful boutique hotel is situated in the Colchagua Valley in the heart of Chile’s Winelands. The hotel grounds feature a winery overlooking several of the valley’s picturesque vineyards. Tours and private tastings in the winery are on offer to guests. Biking and hiking trails make exploring the area very exciting.

Viña Vik

The hotel is located in Millahue. It is nestled in a vineyard allowing visitors to get the whole wine farming experience. There are 22 suites in this luxury facility which offers guests a spa and private winery. The spa is a wine spa that uses treatments inspired by the land and the grapes grown on it.

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Traveling and living it in luxury style has never been easier in the South American Winelands. Whether you stay in one country or all three, there are many high-end hotels!

How and where to start your South America Wine Tour?

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The Most Romantic Wine Hotels in South America

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