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Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Clara Barciela here, and believe me, no one puts on a party like us Latinos!

As 2025 is just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start planning your trip. We always say, if you’re thinking of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, it’s best to start planning at least 6 months ahead…

We have some exciting places we love to spend New Year’s eve in South America and want to share them with you.

– We have rung in the New Year in many of these places. You can’t beat personal recommendations!

✨Go off the beaten path to the End of the World – Ushuaia, Patagonia

✨Party in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ( this is an experience you have to live once in your life!)

✨Relax at the beach with a charming New Years’ eve at Punta del Este in Uruguay

✨Enjoy a Unique cultural experience in Cusco, Peru

✨Delight yourself with A glamorous and Exclusive gourmet tango celebration in Buenos Aires

Continue reading and find out our exciting New Year’s Eve ideas for saying goodbye to 2024 and hello to 2025 …

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✨Go to where you want to go

1. What Does South America Do for New Year?

2. Five Places to Spend New Year’s Eve in South America

2.1 New Year’s Eve in Ushuaia, The End of the World

2.2 New Year’s Eve in Punta del Este, Uruguay

2.3 New Year’s Eve in Cusco, Peru

2.4 New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2.5 New Year’s Eve in Buenos Aires, Argentina

3. How to Plan Your South America Trip and Where to Start.

4. Our 3 Suggested Two Weeks South America Itineraries for New Year’s Eve.

1. What does South America do for New Year?

The celebrations that ring in the New Year are the biggest on the Latin American calendar (outside Carnival). The festivities are wild and colorful. From day 1 of December, you begin to feel the festive atmosphere in South America.

As the New Year occurs in summer in South America, many people celebrate in the street or on the beach, and the party doesn’t even start until the wee hours and won’t wind to a close until after daybreak.

If you are heading to South America for the New Year holidays, I can tell you there is an exciting range of options depending on your New Year’s celebratory style.

1- Ushuaia, Patagonia Argentina

antarctica trip questions FAQ

New Year in Ushuaia can be a bit cold, but so much fun!

Ringing in the New Year from the End of the World – Ushuaia – is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. No big parties, no city vibes, just mountains and the happy feeling of being in a place that seems to transcend time. So, what can you expect here on New Year’s Eve?

A long day as the sun doesn’t set till after 11.30 pm and plenty of places to enjoy great food, wine, and a country party feel – the locals are a fabulous bunch to hang out with.

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2. Punta del Este, Uruguay

How does Uruguay celebrate New Year?

Summer spreads its joy and allows many meetings, parties, and gatherings to take place on the beach in Uruguay.

On several beach clubs, improvised nightclubs are set up on the sand, and fireworks are displayed over the sea at midnight.

If you visit Montevideo during new years eve, there is a typical ritual that takes place every year called The Cider War Festival (Guerra de Sidra). If you are in the Port Market at midnight, you are fair game to having cider, beer, and water thrown on you!

New Year’s Eve in Punta del Este Uruguay

For New Year at its glitzy best, head to Punta del Este, a seaside hamlet of Punta del Este in Uruguay.

According to the New York Magazine, Punta del Este “vies with Rio for the sexiest seaside playground in South America,” and you can rest assured New Year’s Eve is the absolute most significant party of the season.

Best places for New Years Eve in South America

Sunset at Playa Vik in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay. One of the best sunsets in the world to Celebrate your new Year 🙌 . 📷 @vikretreats

The millionaires and glitterati party in the seaside mansions here (invitation-only soirees) while other merry-makers head to the city’s trendy clubs.

Punta del Este is truly a city where you will find anything you’re looking for.

Most Luxurious hotels and restaurants offer set dinners and parties, with open bars, music, and dancing that goes on until the next day.

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3. Cusco, Peru

How does Peru celebrate New Year’s Eve?

It’s not Lima but Cusco where you should be headed when looking for THE place in Peru to ring in the New Year.

New Years Eve in Cusco, Peru

A few hundred thousand people gather at the city’s main square (Plaza de Armas) to celebrate. The atmosphere in the former Inca capital is positively infectious, with fireworks that go off all day.

The day’s color is yellow – considered lucky since the day of the Incas by the people of Cusco.

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4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is said to put on the best New Year’s Eve party in the world, certainly in all of South America. The event called Rebellion by locals rivals the Carnival in splendor and atmosphere.

There’s nothing like a New Years’ Eve in Rio!

As you can expect, the party spills onto the streets of Rio pretty quickly and on the famed golden sands of Copacabana Beach. The fireworks display at Copacabana is the main event, and millions of locals and tourists gather on the beach to watch the midnight show and revel until the early morning hours.

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Many Brazilians light candles for the Afro-American goddess of the sea, Yemanja, and place them in the sand as they make wishes for the coming year. You’ll also probably see more than a handful of people participating in the tradition of jumping seven waves while making seven wishes (this can be fun once people have started partying).

The party carries on till well beyond the wee hours and before sunrise – but that is something we expect of any good party in South America!

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5. Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Argentinian capital is renowned for its party vibe. You can get a party started here anytime, anywhere.

Even though many locals head out to Punta del Este or Buenos Aires Coast at this time of the year, New Year’s Eve in Buenos Aires is stunning and a very relaxed affair.

There are several hotels and closed-door restaurants that offer themed dinners. Enjoy delicious food, wine, and tango (of course!) before heading to party central – Palermo club district. Before midnight slip out of the club and head to nearby Planetario to enjoy the fireworks.

How to Plan your South America Trip – Where to Start

When you decide to travel to South America, there is so much to see that I am sure that you are probably wondering: “So, where do I begin?”

This is when we come to say, “hey we can help”! If you are after a holiday of a lifetime in South America we can certainly help. Either you are planning your bucket list south American holiday, your honeymoon, Your New Years eve family trip,

We have a FREE a South America travel Guide to help start planning your trip.

Use this guide to save you from endless hours of scrolling on the search page, looking for inspiration for your next trip to South America!

Unique experiences, dream boutique hotels, and estancias, the latest travel tips and suggested itineraries in South America, it’s all here waiting for you…

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Our goal with this guide is to show you the South America we know and love and to give you the benefit of our passion and experience so you will be able to discover and travel South America in a truly personal and profound way.

If you are ready to book your trip, book your trip consultation with us and we can customized the perfect trip for you.

3 suggested 2 week South America Itineraries for New Year’s Eve.

If you are planning a trip to South America for new years eve and have two weeks, we have three itinerary ideas for you that cover some of the most incredible destinations and Experiences in South America.

1- Two Weeks in South America Highlights: Our Charming South America Itinerary

✨Choose to celebrate New Years Eve in Rio de Janeiro or un Cusco.

This is our “classic” 2 weeks South America itinerary, where you visit the most popular spots in South America. the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro with its stunning views, going to the Iguazu falls, exploring Buenos Aire’s rich culture, and seeing the magnificent Machu Picchu Ruins usually make the “Must-see” list.

2- Luxury South America for foodies and wine lovers

✨Choose to spend your new years eve in Buenos Aires or in a Vineyard in Mendoza Argentina.

If you are foodie and love wines and you are looking for a luxury trip, check out our South America for foodies and Wine lovers Luxury itinerary, including a food experience in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, an eco-lodge experience in the Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aire’s rich culture and gourmet trip, a Visit to Mendoza and to Santiago de Chile wine lands.

3- South America Adventure & spa trip with Australis Expedition Cruise to the End of the world

✨Choose to spend New Years Eve in Buenos Aires or Ushuaia at the End of the world.

If you like the idea of going more off the beaten path in South America and searching for a more adventurous trip, we suggest a trip to the End of the world, our Patagonia with Australis Expedition Cruise trip.

You will explore Buenos in Argentina and Santiago de Chile and include an Expedition Cruise to the fjords of Tierra del Fuego and the exploration of Torres del Paine National Park.

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We love these trips and have even more to share with you!

If you are looking for a particularly epic celebration for ringing in the New Year, we are here to help!

If you are planning to travel for new years eve or during our summer. Make sure to start planning 4 or more months in advance, as this is the busiest time to travel.

Clara Barciela ❣️⁠ Founding Partner Across South America

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Best 5 Places for New Years Eve in South America in 2024

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