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Whether you're a couple seeking adventure or celebrating decades of togetherness, this experience caters to anyone who's seeking a unparalleled, luxurious trip.

Immerse yourselves in activities such as hiking, walking, Zodiac boat rides, penguin watching, and navigating the awe-inspiring glaciers. Embrace the intimacy of a private and custom trip or join small groups on a cruise or at a Patagonian lodge. This enchanting journey is curated for those with a passion for nature, the outdoors, culture, and wildlife, ensuring a romantic getaway that transcends expectations!

Day 01: Arrival and Glacial Wonder
in El Calafate

Arrive and experience a warm welcome at the airport. We'll whisk you away to your hotel, setting the stage for your Patagonian adventure.

Get ready to be captivated by the majesty of the Perito Moreno Glacier. Its colossal size, vibrant hues, and enchanting sounds will awaken your senses to nature's grandeur.

Nestled near Lake Argentino, El Calafate serves as the charming launchpad for your exploration of Patagonia's glacier-studded landscapes.

As the day winds down, savor a delightful dinner at the Lodge and retire to the comfort of Eolo Lodge. Your Patagonian odyssey is about to unfold!

Meals: Dinner at the Lodge

Accommodation: Eolo Lodge

Be dazzled by the
Perito Moreno Glacier

Today, an unforgettable experience is waiting for you. Choose your own adventure!

Classic Exploration:
Witness the beauty of Patagonia, the Andes, and the Argentine lake. Walkways offer different angles to admire the ever-moving Perito Moreno Glacier. Sail for a closer view and add a touch of adventure with sailing and trekking in the Patagonian Forest.

Minitrekking or Big Ice Trekking:
Join an intimate group for a thrilling ice trek. The Minitrekking offers a 1.5-hour trek, while the Big Ice provides a more challenging 3-hour experience. Explore the Glacier's cracks, sinkholes, caves, and seracs.

Meals: Gourmet picnic lunch for you! and dinner at the hotel

Accommodation: Eolo Lodge

Into the Wilds of Patagonia
at Estancia Cristina

Embark on a journey across Argentino Lake to discover the "Lost Land" within Glaciers National Park. Experience the purity of Patagonian air as you merge with nature and witness the Upsala Glacier from Estancia Cristina's exclusive vantage point.

Sail for 2 to 3 hours, marveling at floating icebergs and the stunning Glaciar Upsala.

Highlights include an off-road adventure to celestial lakes, snow-capped peaks, and the park's second-largest glacier, the "Upsala."

Adventurous souls can consider the bonus hike to the Canyon to uncover marine fossils and glacier imprints. Fishing enthusiasts can customize a spectacular experience pursuing the prized chinook salmon in the picturesque Patagonian setting!

Meals: Breakfast, lunch at the Estancia, dinner at the Lodge

Accommodation: Eolo Lodge

El Chaltén: Glacier Gateway
to Trekking Paradise

Enjoy a scenic drive from Calafate to Chalten with your friendly guide, suggesting perfect photo stops. 

Our suggestions:
  • Fitz Roy and Laguna de los Tres
  • Trekking Cerro Torre
  • Trekking Pliegue Tumbado

These 6 to 8-hour treks offer a moderate challenge, perfect for beginners and led by a knowledgeable mountain guide.

Upon arrival, embark on an easy hike to Chorrillo del Salto, concluding at a picturesque waterfall. Dive into El Chalten's local history at the pioneer Andreas Madsen's first village house.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch box for you to enjoy

Accommodation: Los Cerros Boutique Hotel

Fitz Roy Unleashed:
Conquer Patagonia's Toughest Peaks

Experience a thrilling day of trekking with your Expert Mountain Guide.

Tailor the circuit to your experience level and desired challenges.

Embark on a hike exploring the Fitz Roy River Valley, reaching the Cerro Torre lookout in a 3 to 4 hour trek.

  • Panoramic views of Mount Solo, the Adela range, Mount Torre, and Mount Chaltén.
  • Marvel at the Margarita waterfall and the enchanting native forest along the Fitz Roy River.
  • Reach the Mount Torre viewpoint for a stunning vista of the Adela range, Mount Torre, and granite needles.

Meals: Breakfast & lunch box

Accommodation: Los Cerros Boutique Hotel

Halten to Paine:
A Trans-Patagonian Odyssey

Embark on a private transfer to your next destination: Torres del Paine National Park in Chile.

Discover Torres del Paine:

  • Marvel at the breathtaking granite pillars that dominate the landscape.
  • Named one of the seven best places to visit in Patagonia, this park offers diverse landscapes, rich forests, rivers, a stunning blue glacier, and surprises to captivate your senses!

Where to Stay: Opt for a high-end escape or a luxury camp within the National Park, providing the best experience for active travelers focused on hiking. Prepare for an unforgettable journey!

Meals: Breakfast and dinner at the lodge

Accommodation: Explora Lodge, Torres del Paine, Chile

Torres del Paine
Adventure Snapshot

Explore stunning landscapes: mountains, lakes, glaciers, forests, and iconic "W" trekking circuit.

What our team suggests:

Hike throughout different locations. Walking at your own pace allows you to immerse in the natural and cultural landscapes explored, varying in intensity and duration!

Hikes you'll love:
  • "Glacier Grey" for easy to moderate hikes, featuring a catamaran trip for a breathtaking glacier view.
  • Choose "Cuernos" for an extensive trek, offering spectacular views of Horns, lakes, and the Almirante Nieto glacier.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the lodge

Accommodation: Explora Lodge, Torres des Paine, Chile

Immerse Deeper
in Torres del Paine

Today, venture even further into the remote for an unparalleled experience!

As an adventure seeker who loves nature, a horseback ride in Patagonia is a must on your bucket list.

Explore Patagonia in a whole new way, riding specially trained horses that reshape the landscape around you. Enjoy pleasant rides or gallop through plains and rocky terrain, reaching rivers, hills, and viewpoints that offer stunning views of distant ice fields and glaciers.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the lodge

Accommodation: Explora Lodge, Torres del Paine, Chile

A Relaxed Day
in Torres Del Paine

The company and knowledge of the expert guides are available for you to discover unique locations in the areas surrounding the lodge – either on foot or by bicycle.

If, like us, you believe that the perfect holiday should have some time for relaxation, why not relax and enjoy the Spa?

Bonus! Just 100 meters from the main building, the spa at Explora in Torres del Paine is the perfect setting to unwind after a day of exploration. Relax in the heated, covered pool, in the steaming sauna, or in one of the four open-air jacuzzis with a view of the Paine River.

Meals: Breakfast, all meals, and open bar at the Lodge

Accommodation: Explora Lodge, Torres del Paine, Chile

Farewell to Paine:
Final Day in Nature

Today marks the end of your unforgettable Patagonian journey as we arrange a private transfer to the airport.

If you have more time to spare, connect with our team for recommendations on additional amazing places in Patagonia or explore other spectacular destinations in South America!

Meals: Breakfast

Accommodation: Explora Lodge, Torres del Paine, Chile

10 days

luxury u$d 12000


  • Accommodation with breakfast
  • Full board at selected lodges (for Luxury Category, additional fees apply)
  • All transportation and guided tours with expert guides (small group & private services)
  • Some meals as indicated in the itinerary
  • Entrance fees to all national parks
  • Air ticket fees and management of flights
  • Personalized itinerary and planning of your trip
  • Our dedicated 24-hour concierge service

  • International or domestic flights. Can be included on request.


U$D 7500

EOLO embodies the spirit of Patagonia. Built on the land where the first creole and European immigrants of the area initially set foot, one can't help but sense the aura of adventure that the thousands of travelers who journeyed through this area have left behind. Visitors not only leave their mark but also depart with a sense of having been deeply transformed by the experience.

El Calafate — Hotel Eolo


Los Cerros Boutique Hotel, strategically positioned on a hill, provides unique views of Chalten's Rio de las Vueltas Valley. The comfortable, spacious rooms with classic decor enhance the impact of the surrounding landscape. The hotel features a Gourmet Restaurant "El Viento," a well-stocked wine cellar, and a generous bar, creating an ideal base for exploring the natural beauty of the region.

Los Cerros del Chaltén Boutique Hotel

Explora in Torres del Paine was designed as the perfect haven for exploring the region’s wondrous geography and wildlife. Besides the favored location inside Torres del Paine National Park, this lodge’s architecture was planned in a way that interferes the least possible with its natural surroundings. It is an extension of the territory.

Torres del Paine Explora Lodge

La Bamba de Areco is a 1,5 hour drive out of downtown Buenos Aires, in the outskirts of the historical town of San Antonio de Areco, the birthplace of the gaucho. La Bamba is one of the oldest and best-preserved colonial-era ranches in Argentina. Recently renovated as a boutique hotel, La Bamba keeps its original charm and its facilities shine in all its original grandeur.

La Bamba de Areco


Cool one-of-a-kind locations and first class setup!

Our month long adventure was top notch. The staff at Across South America supported us on a daily basis and they pulled off our (many) modifications. This trip was a life changing experience & you can't go wrong with Across South America.

"Exceptional service and the best itinerary."

Our honeymoon itinerary included Buenos Aires, El Calafate, El Chalen, Torres del Paine and Ushuaia. They managed to create this itinerary with big success and their experience manger was AMAZING!

This sample itinerary contains broad suggestions, but when you book a call with us here we can design a custom trip for you!

At Across South America, crafting unforgettable experiences has been our passion for over 15 years. Your dream getaway is just a call away — let's create a once-in-a-lifetime adventure together! 

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